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Although Tron has not undergone any major price changes recently, the development of its infrastructure continues inexorably. Following the launch of The Sun Network testnet scheduled for May 30, on June 11, 2019, the Tron Foundation announced a series of projects that will serve to increase Tron scalability through side-chains.

dApps and Scalability: Tron’s Roadmap

In direct competition with Ethereum, the Tron team is working hard to implement solutions that improve the scalability of their blockchain and enable efficient dApps and smart contracts.

In April 2018, Justin Sun announced the release date of The Sun Network testnet, a second layer solution to improve scalability and transaction capacity of TRON.

The Sun Network is now ready to test DappChain, a sidechain solution that will enable dApps to run with extremely low-energy consumption, high-security, high-efficiency, and also offer a cross-chain base.

The DappChain phases

There are three phases for the execution of dApp’s sidechain project:

  • The testnet launched on May 30, 2019. The first phase is characterized by the expansion of mainnet to facilitate the creation of the sidechain, decreasing fees, and asset securitization through Tron’s main-chain.
  • The second phase will take place on August 10, 2019, according to their announcement. It will be the official launch and aim to enhance the characteristics of decentralization and asset security further, support the community to carry out further sidechain ecological construction, and fully activate the ecosystem based on the first phase.
  • The third phase is optimization. At this point, the development will consist of improving the ease of use and facilitating the deployment and rapid integration of sidechains. This piece is scheduled for September 15, 2019.

2019 seems to have started in the best way for Justin Sun and Tron. The twelfth cryptocurrency by market capitalization has achieved several milestones this year beyond the ambitions of The Sun launch. Tron has introduced the BitTorrent token, Tether integration, integration with Opera browser and the incredible record-setting bid of $4.57 million to win the opportunity to have lunch with the investment wizard Warren Buffet.

Justin Sun’s protocol improvements and marketing strategies also seem to be highlighting Tron’s outstanding rivalry with Ethereum.

However, in terms of market capitalization, the gap is still striking. According to CoinMarketCap, Ethereum currently records a turnover of almost 25 billion dollars compared to two billion dollars of Tron. At the time of press, ETH is trading around $242 while one TRX token is worth $0.03.

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