Terra Classic (LUNC) Surges on Binance Leverage Adjustments

In a significant announcement, Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has disclosed upcoming adjustments in margin requirements and leverage tiers. The move has triggered a 5% increase in LUNC, leaving traders and investors eager to understand the implications of these modifications on their strategies and positions.

Understanding Maintenance Margin

The maintenance margin is the total amount of cryptocurrency that must be maintained in a deposit account to support a trading or investing position. It acts as a safety net to prevent liquidation and additional fees.

Binance Futures is set to modify the leverage, margin tiers, and capped funding rate for numerous perpetual contracts, as confirmed in their release on November 6. Traders should be aware that positions executed before these changes will be affected. Binance strongly advises making the necessary adjustments to positions and leverage ahead of the update to avoid potential liquidation risks.

Failure to make these adjustments could result in liquidating positions due to the increased maintenance margin rate. Therefore, traders are encouraged to monitor their positions and leverage to protect against possible losses.

Critical Changes in Margin and Leverage

Binance has introduced updates to maintenance margin requirements for 1000LUNCUSDT perpetual contracts in the 0-5000 positions range without altering leverage ratios between 21–50x. This means traders must maintain additional LUNC in their deposit accounts to continue trading these contracts.

Similar modifications have been made for crypto perpetual contracts such as TOMOUSDT, MINAUSDT, YFIUSDT, KLAYUSDT, ZILUSDT, QTUMUSDT, ENSUSDT, KSMUSDT, ONTUSDT, and SUSHIUSDT. These changes also affect the maximum funding rates for the specified cryptocurrencies.

Impact on LUNC Price

According to data from Coinglass, LUNC’s price witnessed a 5% surge following the announcement. The data also reveals that short liquidations in 1000LUNC and LUNC positions have increased prices. Notably, the 1000LUNC perpetual contract achieved record-breaking trading volume, capturing a 47% market share the day before.

LUNC’s price currently stands at $0.000067, with a 24-hour low of $0.0000641 and a high of $0.0000676. Trade volume has also seen a notable increase over the past day.

In contrast, USTC trades at $0.0116, a 1% increase over the previous day. However, trade volume for USTC remains relatively modest.

This announcement from Binance has undoubtedly stirred the cryptocurrency market, leaving traders and investors closely watching the impact of these changes on their portfolios.

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