Smart and Social Web3 Platform Blockify Raises $2.2M

Nassau, Bahamas, August 18, 2022 – Blockify Inc, an emerging blockchain technology company, is pleased to announce the completion of a $2.2M seed round.

Since 2021, Blockify has been developing an interface that unlocks the world of Web3 and DeFi for anyone, regardless of crypto knowledge or experience. Core features include Web3 social interaction, an intuitive interface for users to track and manage their portfolio, create-to-earn, and surf-to-earn user utility.

Blockify will be rolling out a Web3 advertising platform (Blok Ads) in Q2 2023 that connects brands & consumers through crypto rewards. Blockify will enable advertisers to offer consumers crypto rewards for their data and engagement. Blok Ads will empower users to own their data and share in the value it creates while enabling advertisers to ask permission, motivate action and increase ROI. 

“The next generation of the internet will be consumer-led and feature the tokenization of data and other personal assets. In Web3, users– not big centralized platforms– have control over their data and take part in the platforms upside.” – Diego Czul, Technology Advisor, Blockify. 

Blockify saw an opportunity to build a user-friendly interface for the rapidly expanding ecosystem of Web3 blockchain-based products and services. Decentralized finance now has over $40B in total value locked and encompasses everything from major cryptocurrencies like Ethereum to other forms of programmable money, crypto loans, social tokens, and NFTs. 

Unlike popular crypto exchanges and trading apps, Blockify does not track user data or have custody of its users’ funds. Blockify is 100% non-custodial, this agile approach sets the stage for tremendous growth and adoption. 

With new funds secured, Blockify will accelerate its product launch, bring a host of new features to its much-anticipated platform and recruit top talent to its distributed team.

Blockify will enable non-technical users to acquire, track and manage assets on many leading DeFi protocols. Blockify is building an integrated experience that overcomes the fragmentation, complexity and lack of trust in decentralized products that have, to date, held back the adoption of Defi and Web3. 

“Information is fragmented, information is not verifiable, communities and traders do not currently have an information hub to rely on. There are a bunch of fake accounts and other means of fraudulent news dissemination devices in the market today. Blockify intends to be the safe haven for projects and communities to interact in a verified manner”  – Diego Czul, Technology Advisor, Blockify. 

The closing of this seed round is an important milestone for Blockify. Together with the DeFi & Web3 communities, Blockify is designing an open economy from the ground up and today Blockify went one step further. 

About Blockify       

Blockify is a project that enables anyone, anywhere in the world to access a suite of new products and services built on the backbone of decentralized finance (DeFi) and Web3. By combining a simple, user-centered design with a powerful tech stack that aggregates data and information from our web3 verification portal, Blockify offers users a single point of entry for managing their digital assets and interacting with Web3. 

Blockify was founded in 2021 with the mission to empower more people around the world with efficient, permission-less, and transparent services. 

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