Sesterce Mining, the new rising startup in the crypto mining universe

Sesterce began withthe initiative of two French entrepreneurs from southern France, AnthonyTchakerian and Youssef El Manssouri, who decided, after a year of intenseresearch and study on the mining industry and the dynamics of the market, tolaunch their own company: Sesterce. The ambitious project is very rapidlynoticed and, with the support of the Family (**look it up), Sesterce started tosoar in October 2018. The vision is clear, and the goal is simple, becomingindustry leaders in the mining industry by selling hardware and offeringinvestment solutions and consulting services to clients worldwide.

Sesterce managed todistinguish itself from competitors by compromising both the most attractiveprices on the market and the largest catalogue of products, which resulted in asubstantial product list available for purchase on their website, at the mostcompetitive prices out there. They are notorious for always staying up to dateand keeping track of the latest innovations lead by renowned manufacturers suchas Bitmain and InnoSilicon.

After a fierce andbold 9 months of existence, punctuated by sleepless nights leading to a longawaited rebranding, Sesterce (formerly Bitech) is proud to have by its side ateam of 7 employees in France and over 30 collaborators, an ever growing marketshare in the hardware selling industry and the launch in the beginning of Juneof its new Cloud Mining services.

Cloud mining allowsyou to mine cryptocurrencies without having to deal with the whole purchaseprocess of a miner, including setting it up and constantly monitoring it, andtherefore you do not need to worry about the technical aspect of mining.Essentially, you are renting computational power from our machines that areoptimized to operate to the best of their ability and under the watchful eye ofour teams of skilled technicians 24/7. You can also benefit from our lowelectricity costs due to a 100% clean and renewable energy source:hydroelectric power. As a result, with a couple clicks, you can choose whatcurrency you want to mine, how much computational power you wish to rent, andfor how long you want to mine. We are currently proposing 1- and 2-yearscontracts along with a Custom option. (

When you feel ready to take part in the rewarding adventure of becoming a miner, our team will gladly advise you on which option will suit you best, according to your expectations. We will guide you through your choice from our catalogue of products on ( Of course, we offer preferential rates for bulk orders. If you are looking for cheap equipment, we have a second-hand marketplace where we offer cleaned, verified and reset miners with a 30-day warranty.

   We are also proposing Hosting services withwhich you can opt to setup your equipment directly in one of our 7 mining farmsaround the world, with technical supervision and cheap electricity rates. Wecan guarantee a 100% uptime and a brand-new platform allowing you to clearlymonitor your equipment and your rewards.

In the coming months, we will announce additional services that will complete our offer and make Sesterce a one way stop for all related mining investments. We also desire to become more engaged with our community and we’ve decided to make regular giveaways on our social media pages.