Securitize and RealECoin Help Investors Take Manhattan

BLOCK TRIBUNE:  Tell me about your relationship with Securitize.

RUBEN AZRAK:  Securitize offers a really compelling value proposition. As I’m sure you have heard in the news, there’s a lot of debate around regulations that the SEC has regarding financial securities. And obviously, the opportunity that we’re offering here is fundamentally a financial security. We’re selling interests in a real estate investment fund.

To that extent, Securitize is a really important partner for us because their brand is global regulatory compliance for tokenized assets. The notion here is tokenization of traditional assets, and in order for us to do this correctly, we want to abide by regulations and serve as an example for both the blockchain and the real estate community.

We needed to find a partner that had the same vision as us, that wanted to abide by regulations and adapt best practices. And Securitize was a great partner, so we started working with them.

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