Ryan Gosling Used in ICO Scam

Hollywood actor Ryan Gosling has unknowingly become the face of a new cryptocurrency. Either that, or he has taken up being a graphic designer at a cryptocurrency startup.

Miroskii, a Chinese company billing itself as the newest digital currency to challenge bitcoin, features a certain “Kevin Belanger” working on its creative team, a man that seems to be the doppelganger of the star of Drive, The Notebook and Blade Runner 2049.

Miroskii is preparing to launch its initial coin offering, giving investors the possibility to “join the Crypto Revolution” before its initial launch date.

But this obvious mistake strongly implies that the company is a scam, a suspicion backed up by the fact that Miroskii presents no whitepaper on its official website, assuring that its business plan is “coming soon”.

Since then, other members from the company’s hierarchy have been discovered to be fakes too, their images being taken from real professional profiles from the web, according to CNET.

Belanger’s profile says that he is an,“Experienced graphic designer with a clear focus on identities and illustration.”

The company’s gaffe was discovered by Twitter user @CryptoShillNye, who noticed Belanger’s uncanny resemblance to the famous Hollywood star.

“Miroskii Coin is developed and brought to business by the experts from China, Hongkong, Singapore and Japan to ease the crypto revolution in financial products,” the company states on the site.

“It is developed under its own highly secure encrypted decentralized blockchain technology.“

Miroskii coin is been tested, approved and accepted by most of the industry giants who has already started using the MRC (Miroskii Coin) in their closed B2B sector.As per the high demand from these industries we were requested to start the first ICO stage for intuitional companies only.”

In spite of the obvious red flags pointing towards a scam, the company claimed that it managed to raise $830,000 (£601,330) from investors.

These claims seem highly improbable considering that it has a total of seven followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram combined.

While scam campaigns are not out of the ordinary in the blockchain and cryptocurrency world, the illegal use of the actor’s image (amusing as the situation may be) points to a more serious side of cryptocurrency investing, proving that you have to be extremely cautious with online investments.


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