Robotina: The Firm That Worked on World's Biggest Thin Film Solar Installation Launches ICO

The annual global electricity consumption reached almost 20,000 TWh with an average price of 0.14 USD per KWh, annually. This sums up to USD 3 trillion per year, with commercial buildings consuming 40-50% of this amount and the reset by households.

Besides the growth in energy consumption, the key issues facing the power industry is the unpredictability of both demand and supply. The differential is further exacerbated by the inputs from renewables, which can sometimes generate excess energy or no electricity at all depending upon the weather conditions. The fluctuation in the overall supply translates to higher costs to both system operators and end users.

The varying power situation across the time of the day and seasons creates a need for substantial investments towards the development of new infrastructure and smart use of the existing ones. It is found that in order to sustain actual standard of living, it is necessary to reduce (per capita) and shift (in time) the consumption of electrical energy. Robotina, as a company has been providing households and businesses with the technology to do so.

Robotina’s cutting-edge technology in use has been tested, demonstrated and validated to help save 10-20% of the costs in the existing industry scenario. The company has been in operating in the sector for over 28 years now, and with all the experience, they have framed a vision where community members can collaborate to save and earn money while consuming electricity.

Robotina’s History and Past Partnerships.

The company started as a subcontractor before producing its own devices and gained experience and market share in Japan, India, the Middle East. Robotina’s strengths lie in electronic devices for control, management, and improvement of energy efficiency.

Robotina is now positioning itself as a smart devices and services player aiming at improving energy efficiency for both homes and businesses. They already offer hardware smart devices for remote data control and management, IoT software, and applications, a cloud-based computing platform for trading energy and services between producers, consumers. The products also include artificial Intelligence software for consumption forecasts and advice on how to save energy and costs.

Robotina developed and introduced its fully independent product in 2001. The products were distributed Programmable Logic Controller PLC systems for application in buildings, infrastructure, and remote management of renewable energy plants, smart grids, and smart cities. In 2007, the firm built its new headquarters, Research labs, manufacturing plant and warehouse in Hrpelje (Kozina), on the crossroads between Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, and Austria. Today, the company is a well-known comprehensive technology and solution provider both for final consumers and OEM, with a strategic focus on application, target market, and future orientation.

Robotina has substantial know-how in the field of smart building and cities. In 2004, they entered into a partnership with IMDAAD to carry out an ambitious project to establish a Network Operating System for the remote control and management of buildings, thus contributing to greater energy savings, lower operational costs, and increased energy efficiency. IMDAAD is the leading provider of integrated building management services in the United Arab Emirates. It supports over 1000 major buildings in Dubai and is responsible for turning Dubai into a Smart City. IMDAAD has been awarded for the best FM technological implementation of 2016 in the UAE.

Additionally, they also worked with SanRex and Panasonic to put into operation a complete monitoring and management system for the first two photovoltaic power plants, at the end of 2013. In another project with Microsoft, the firm worked on the Azure Cloud-Based Energy efficiency and fault detection system fully integrated with client BMS which helps deliver outstanding savings. The firm also worked on a thin film solar power plant monitoring system which used to be the biggest such installation in the world at the time of delivery. In the same fashion, Robotina is working on a new flagship, Smart Grid.

An All-inclusive Solution of Connected Internet of Things and Power Platform

Smart Grid is an electrical grid which allows connection of smart meters, smart consuming devices, communication, and optimization. To develop and deliver the technology that helps the community save and earn money while consuming electricity, the Robotina development team worked on integration with advanced blockchain technology. The Robotina platform –token crowdsale starts 21st March and ends 30th April 2018- will establish a Robotina Utility Token, ROX, a digital currency that when used, will give a 3% discount for all transactions within the Robotina platform.

ROX aims to become the main currency in the Smart Grid world, where vendors constantly dialogue and communicate with consumers to optimize the match between estimated demand and actual demand to achieve high profits and grid stability. This will reduce the cost of providing electricity and share part of this reduction with consumers. This outcome, paired with the backing of a well-established firm make the ROX token crowdsale a safe long-term investment for investors. The sale offers a platform for Robotina to collect subscriptions from supporters.

The Robotina platform will be an all-inclusive solution of the connected Internet of Things (IoT) and Power Platform (PP).The platform’s main task is to provide benefits to its users through Smart Rules, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain technologies. The platform will run from the cloud, available as a service. Devices and users connect to the Robotina Platform, which not only provides its services real-time, and with real-time/real-world data from IoT, but also uses them to provide real, measurable benefits to users and to the community.

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