Ripple’s fluctuating price has raised skepticism among the XRP community

The candle sticks on Ripple [XRP] chart is turning quite unpredictable since yesterday. This has led to various opinions about the coin’s price among the traders on many social media platforms. According to the current charts, the cryptocurrency looks vulnerable though it is trying to gain the momentum back.

Ripple [XRP] continues to be at the 3rd position on the market list with a market capitalization of $31.57 billion at 2:00 PM UTC. The cryptocurrency had a downfall in its price by -0.82% in the past 24 hours. XRP is trading at $0.806 as seen at press time.

Nevertheless, it is imperative for all the cryptocurrency enthusiasts to consider the performance of the coin during the final quarter of 2017 and early 2018. XRP has contributed a good amount of market value in the bullish market during this period and continues to maintain its spot. The cryptocurrency had its highest overall volume of $160 billion by the end of the first quarter. Also, XRP’s price has gained 10.93% in the past 7 days with a steady green signal.

Ripples 7 days chart | Source: CoinMarketCap

XRP is currently trading on various top exchange platforms such as Bithumb, Bitbank, Upbit, Binance, Bitfinex, etc. with the highest volume being $275 million.

A Redditor recently commented about XRP’s fluctuating price:


It went up and then it went down … what will happen next? Can YouTube nobjobs predict the future with pictures of converging triangles? Can stupid names for candlestick patterns help us understand what is going on? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EXCITING EPISODE OF CRYPTO XRP!”

A recent tweet by a cryptocurrency proponent:

“Sweet chillies, XRP dumped to 0.000001 with 25million volume on Bitstamp.”

Another Twitterati says:

Ripple is like inventing faster horses during industrial revolution :)”

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