Ripple Secretly Preps for Game-Changing IPO: Key Hints

Ripple has been dropping hints that an Initial Public Offering (IPO) might be in its future. The notable XRP influencer Lewis Jackson has been dissecting these hints, suggesting that Ripple may be gearing up to go public with an IPO

Lewis Jackson Highlights Ripple IPO Hints 

Recently, an influential voice in the world of XRP, Lewis Jackson argued that Ripple may have discreetly indicated its IPO intentions on its website, yet it seems many have yet to take notice. 

Jackson pointed out that a company’s path to an IPO often involves several specific stages, including a phase of mergers and acquisitions (M&A). He emphasized Ripple’s recent involvement in M&A activities, highlighting the acquisition of Metaco, which took place five months ago. 

Additionally, he noted a failed acquisition bid related to Fortress Trust. While these activities don’t guarantee an IPO, they typically precede it.

 Ripple’s Strategic Hiring

Jackson further strengthened his argument for Ripple’s unannounced IPO plans by analyzing the company’s hiring trends. He singled out positions related to corporate development, engineering, finance, and shareholder communication. 

Meanwhile, Ripple’s career page currently advertises roles such as Director of Corporate Development and Manager of Corporate Development. Jackson believes this hiring strategy demonstrates Ripple’s commitment to strategic growth, including M&A and partnerships. 

Furthermore, Ripple’s recruitment of engineers indicates its dedication to enhancing its technical infrastructure. While the hiring of engineers might not directly signal an IPO, it does suggest Ripple’s continuous efforts to expand and strengthen its operations.

In addition to these roles, Jackson noticed Ripple’s listings for various finance positions, including a Director of International Tax and a Financial Risk Director. These finance roles play a crucial role in auditing financial data and preparing for public disclosure, which is a significant aspect of going public.

Geographical Considerations

Interestingly, Ripple’s preference for directors and managers seems to be centered around specific locations, such as its headquarters in San Francisco, in addition to prominent cities like New York City and London.

While Jackson didn’t make a direct connection between these job postings and the potential location of Ripple’s IPO, he did highlight that over 10% of these positions are within the United States. This has led to speculation that the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) could be Ripple’s primary choice for its IPO, with London and Dubai as potential secondary options.

Meanwhile, it’s important to note that Ripple’s prolonged legal battle with the U.S. regulator appears to be nearing its conclusion, with several recent victories against the SEC, including the recent dismissal of charges against Ripple’s executives. 

This legal progress is reducing the barriers to Ripple’s potential IPO, making it a more realistic possibility shortly.

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