Raadyx Blockchain Platform Opens its Doors Wide for Summer Interns

The Raadyx DLT ecosystem is an interactive repository for the development and maintenance of standardized and highly functional digital contracts based on cryptography. Raadyx has announced its recruiting legal interns for the summer 2018 session.

The Raadyx team is poised to employ all upper-year law students all around the globe. All eligible interns will research and formulate standard international laws that will govern cryptographically-secured transactions.

All accepted interns will be given free flight tickets, accommodation and a $500 weekly stipend for their upkeep.

The selected interns will work with great talents in the world of cryptography and law.

The entire program is scheduled to hold for nine weeks, and participants will learn how to write international contracts, mentoring, hands-on learning, as well as moot court sessions.

All selected interns will work with the Raadyx team in Panama; a nation fondly referred to as the crossroads of the Americas, the country is blessed with beautiful natural sceneries and diverse ecology.

Selected interns have a lot to gain, as they will be able to explore the beautiful nation while earning at the same time.

Executive Director and Co-Founder of Raadyx, Jason Seibert, Esq., reiterated that:

“This is all new. We are merging law and technology in a way that just hasn’t been done before, and that makes for exciting times and opportunities.”

The Raadyx blockchain platform is looking to add interns from diverse geographical locations in the world to its ranks. To apply, visit https://raddyx.com/

The team is determined to create a standard global regulation to rule peer-to-peer systems, by seamlessly integrating law and blockchain technology.

for more information visit http://raadyx.com

Github: https://github.com/raadyx/

Email: [email protected]

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