Paytomat — a Decentralized System for Cryptocurrency Payments, Announces Token Sale

Paytomat, a blockchain-based crypto payments platform that incentivizes businesses and customers by accepting a wide range of cryptocurrencies and bringing liquidity to those currencies, has announced its pre-sale. The token sale is going to start from April 2, 2018. However, the core teams’ pre-sale is starting from March 12, 2018, for which whitelisting registration is open.

About Paytomat

Paytomat is a blockchain-enabled platform that incentivizes the transactional usage of crypto via decentralized network of point-of-sale (POS) terminals. The platform intends to streamline the process of accepting the cryptocurrency payment for the merchant and give an added incentive for the customers to pay in that currency of their choice without extra conversion.

Both the parties- the merchants and customers, are treated as potential crypto investors managing their assets across fiat and crypto. The merchants are able to easily cash out via payment processing partners of Paytomat or hold a fraction of their gain in crypto.

Paytomat has developed an extension to receive payments in crypto with current POS solutions and effectively deployed it with 150 merchants. The team is now testing beta customer mobile wallets and a separated Paytomat Mobile POS for both payment processing and a blockchain-based loyalty program.

How It Works?

Paytomat’s core infrastructure is the gist of its technology. It has four structural components; the Database, the APIs, the Web Control Panels and Job Prepossessing Servers.

  • The Database stores information about transactions, merchants, and cryptos available within the system. To provide additional operational resilience, the platform uses sharing and replication in its server infrastructure.
  • The APIs help to resolve any business task for the partners and the customers. They’re responsible for payment processing, crypto exchange, and points of user interaction such as POSes and Wallets.
  • Web Control Panels allow the customers and partners to access their transactional data within Paytomat, analyze usage statistics, configure their preferences and fine-tune technical integration aspects. The crucial element of the web control panel is the customer dashboards, which provide a quick and concise overview of the customer’s story within the system.
  • The Processing Server is fetching, processing and storing business data in a database, and provides the link between platform’s gateways’ network and the Core.

About Paytomat Tokens (PTI)

Paytomat’s blockchain-based loyalty program is based on PTM coin, incentivizing merchants to accept payments in crypto, and PTX token, residing as an asset on top of the PTM blockchain and incentivizing end customers to pay via cryptocurrencies.

For this token sale, the company has introduced the PTI token based on Waves Platform. PTI is an interim token that will enable the company to conduct this token sale while testing the PTM blockchain. After the release of the PTM blockchain, PTI token holders will be able to exchange their PTI tokens into PTM coins.

Paytomat is also one of the members of the Waves Lab Incubator. Chosen by Waves for being a promising project, the platform receives financial, legal, technical and marketing assistance from the incubator, taking it one step closer to attaining massive growth and adoption.

The Utmost Security

To protect sensitive connections and data, the platform uses a multi-level holistic security system. Each protection level is designed to provide maximum security at every step of the product’s interaction, be it with a consumer or partner. They start from multi-factor authorization on the user’s browser and end with building SSH tunnels that protect communication between the Core and gateways.

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