Ontology Spike Seems To Continue

If you have been following the crypto market over the past few months, you will know that the majority of the major cryptocurrencies seem to be losing value, whilst those that are in the early stages of development seem to be soaring!

The price of Ontology has been particularly volatile; however, it seems to be on the upward trend at the moment. The price is currently sitting around $4, which is relatively high, considering that it is a new altcoin.

Whilst the majority of people have been expecting the value to drop, as it often does with new coins, so far, this just has not happened. The past week alone, the price has risen from $1.75 to just under $4, with a lot of hope that it will hit $5 fairly soon.

Although it remains to be seen whether this growth is sustainable, the market has risen to $943.3 million, which is actually quite high for a venture like this. It is evident that little money can and has made the Ontology price move very quickly. It should be remembered though that the altcoin industry in particular falls victim to deliberate pump and dump schemes.

Ontology has one advantage though over others, and this is how the cryptocurrency has been listed on Binance, which is the worlds largest  altcoin exchange, and represents over 66% all ONT trades right now. Only time will tell how Ontology will continue to perform; however, it is very fair to say that anyone who has invested in this popular altcoin will be very happy with the way things are going right now!

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