NordFX: The Best Broker to Work with Cryptocurrencies

The cryptocurrency economy is known for various factors which makes one lose their money, if not careful. Some of these include the volatility of the asset, cybersecurity threats and the increasing number of unreliable crypto-platforms. In such a scenario, it has become really important to choose the most reliable platforms with a good operation history to ensure peace of mind and watch the investments grow as Bitcoin and other digital assets continue to gain a strong foothold in the global economy.

The evolution of Bitcoin ecosystem has already showcased its huge potential in the economy and the earning potential it offers to the community. So, instead of missing out on the golden opportunity to reap profits by worrying about the risks, traders can use some of the best online trading and brokerage platforms like NordFX provides to have a worry-free trading an experience, just like any other financial asset. So, how does NordFX stand apart from rest of the platforms out there?

Reliable and Secure Broker with Clients’ Capital Protection.

It is a known fact that cryptocurrencies are designed to offer safety and act as a digital medium to furnish financial transactions. But the same can’t be said about the intermediaries that facilitate such transactions as many of them operate in the online Wild West, with no regulations, licenses or adequate security measures. NordFX, a Forex brokerage firm realizes these threats faced by the users and it is committed to eliminating concerns over the safety of its clients’ cryptocurrency portfolio.

NordFX is a renowned international Forex broker providing trading services to both individuals and institutional consumers. The firm consistently implements cutting-edge technologies to their trading platform, continues to add a range of cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments to its offering, all these while ensuring the systems are up-to-date.

The firm is recognized as a reliable and secure broker with a unique client capital protection scheme. Since 2008, more than 1,200,000 user accounts have been created on the platform by clients from more than 100 countries. The reliability and stability of NordFX work are evidenced by the fact that the company itself has been awarded over 30 prestigious professional prizes and awards including the 2017 Best Broker to Work with Cryptocurrencies at the IAFT Awards. That is not the first, NordFX’ award-winning spree dates to 2010, gaining a reputation across the forex and cryptocurrency scenes, as is evident on their official website.

The Key Stimulant in Cryptocurrency Trading and Investing.

Users can use a range of leading trading programs for quick and easy access and management of their trading accounts including MT 4 and the MetaTrader mobile application. It allows them to quote from anywhere around the world. Alongside the advanced trading platforms, NordFX has an outstanding reputation in the market as a leader in providing their clients’ with high standard brokerage services.

A key building block to why professional traders and investors use NordFX has to do with the favorable rate of exchange. NordFX provides the key stimulant in cryptocurrency trading with services for instant cryptocurrency exchange pairs from Top-10, such as BTC/USD, LTC/USD, ETH/USD, DSH/USD, XRP/USD and BCH/USD at the best rates on the market. The platform shows excellent indicators concerning the number of tradable cryptocurrency pairs and potential for overall growth in the future. The credit leverage ratio from 1:1 to 1:1000, instant opening of an account as well as deposit, withdrawal, and storage of funds in USD, bitcoin and ethereum are also attractive.

All these make it worthwhile for anyone interested in cryptocurrencies to explore the NordFX.

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