Momentum, The First Crypto Marketing Automation Platform Announces ICO

The success of any business lies in its customer relationship strategy and its proper implementation. Marketing is the tool that is used to develop a customer base and maintain a healthy relationship with them. However, the traditional campaigns seem not so impressive in today’s highly competitive markets. Momentum, the world’s first marketing automation platform, revolutionizes the world of marketing by integrating the capabilities of blockchain technology. The ICO of the platform is starting from April 23, 2018.

About Momentum

Momentum is a platform having operations developed on the blockchain. It is the first ever cryptocurrency-based marketing automation platform where businesses are able to incentivize and reward their customers for their support, loyalty, and feedback. By revolutionizing the marketing, the platform serves as an innovative source for the businesses to develop their customer loyalty and long-term relationship successfully.

Businesses using this platform can reward customers in many ways, for instance, for purchasing a new product or giving a review of the product they used. This information is valuable for the businesses since it gives valuable insights into the customer trends, behavior, likes and dislikes, buying pattern and needs. Thus, they are able to improve their offerings and come up with personalized products in future to retain their best customers.

About Momentum Token

The native token of Momentum platform is its in-app crypto-token called MobileBridge. It is the token that the businesses will use on the platform to reward their customers in exchange for data insights and brand advocacy. In addition, this token is the loyalty token, gateway token, and a native currency of the platform that will be used for purchasing different offerings and features. The MobileBridge token gives token holders a share in the brand or the company that they support.

About the ICO & Bonus for the Investors

The company has announced the start its ICO from April 23, 2018, offering MobileBridge Tokens for 4 weeks or till the hard CAP is reached. The ICO will put 500,000,000 tokens on sale out of total 1,000,000,000 tokens. In addition, the company has announced the bonus scheme based on supply and volume of the tokens. Investors can earn the bonus as per the following structure

  • First Week: Between 5% to 15% bonus
  • Second Week: Between 3% to 10% bonus
  • Third Week: Up to 5% bonus
  • Fourth Week: No bonus

About the Team

The Momentum platform is backed and operated by an exceptionally talented and professional team having experience in cryptocurrency domain. The members belong to diverse geographical backgrounds including Germany, Switzerland, Israel, US, UK, and Netherlands. The team aims to integrate all the elements together of a successful and disrupting marketing automation blockchain platform for today’s businesses and customers.

To know more about the Momentum platform and its features, or to participate in its upcoming ICO, please visit

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