Microsoft Supports Bitcoin Cash as a Payment Method

There is somehow a competition on the marketplace between Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. That’s why, a company that accepts both of them has great chances to become a successful one.

The giant Microsoft have announced that is starting to support both crypto assets Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash in order to fund user’s account. This achievement was due to BitPay, which added another popular altcoin.

Competition between Bitcoin and most famous and influential altcoins is increasingly seen in the crypto market, but being a leader is never too easy. Bitcoin Cash seems to be located between celebrity and accessibility, being a virtual currency not too expensive and not perceived negatively. If, however, Bitcoin Cash will go through new methods of capturing the crypto market, then the real competition will increase considerably.

If we are talking about the competition, Microsoft has chosen an intriguing decision. In other words, the giant company supports both crypto assets, namely Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as a payment method. Once BitPay embraced the new crypto currency, the technology giant’s logistics department had to operate efficiently and quickly in order to adapt to the changes that occurred.

The problem arises when we wonder if Microsoft will or not benefit from this opportunity offered to customers. Will users choose to make transactions using Bitcoin Cash or not? All transactions that include BCH are considered to be directly redeemed, compared to those using Bitcoin. The latter one need confirmations. By comparison, this operation is done and supported by BitPay rather than by the technological company.

This new achievement creates a perspective environment for the Bitcoin ecosystem. Competition on the market will certainly boost the development of crypto system. Regardless of the fact that many companies are afraid of competition, this is a perfect way to bring the crypto industry to another level. Bitcoin Cash begins to capture more and more new market segments and expand its popularity.

Since BitPay added Bitcoin Cash, there have been a number of propelling paths to other successful projects. Companies decide on their own whether or not they want to support both payment options.


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