Microequity Exchange Launched By The International Blockchain Monetary Reserve

The International Blockchain Monetary Reserve (IBMR) has launched the world’s first microequity exchange designed to bring financial inclusivity to emerging markets by granting widespread access to global tech stocks.

IBMR is a social impact economic development reserve and advisory established to promote distributed inclusive economic development through issuance of regional cryptocurrency reserves. Its mission is to to create new decentralized macroeconomic development structures using Social Proof-of-Work that promotes financial inclusion by incentivizing individuals to make positive contributions that expose corruption and improve the conditions of their local communities.

The new microequity exchange, MESE.io, is powered by the Algorand blockchain protocol and was built using ChainUP’s cloud exchange technology. The platform enables users to trade global tech stocks through a digital tokenization model that divides one share of traditional equity into an individual 1/10,000 microequity token of representative value.

“This allows for the opportunity to create a microfinance equity market that has the benefit of developed market stability while simultaneously providing financial inclusion at the emerging market level,” IBMR said. “Unlike fractional share ownership, a MESE.io microequity token is a decentralized digital asset that can be freely traded and held on or off the MESE.io platform.”

The platform has identified seven global tech stocks referred to as MATTANG, which will be the inaugural microequity assets available on MESE.io. MATTANG includes Microsoft, Apple, Tesla, Twitter, Amazon, Netflix and Google. At launch, MESE.io will be available for non-US jurisdiction residents with a focus on emerging and developing markets. As the first microfinance platform to launch on behalf of IBMR.io, MESE.io anticipates the opening of localized microequity exchanges across emerging and developing markets across the globe.

“Imagine trying to invest a single dollar in a way that would have any tangible return as an asset without being high risk? It’s virtually impossible,” said Sinjin David Jung, Managing Director at IBMR.io. “Even with financial inclusion, price point accessibility is not enough if the overhead fees of traditional finance are still in place like bank ATMs or agent fees. MESE.io’s microequity stock exchange solves this dilemma because these microequity tokens can be traded with their own price point. For example, an M-TSLA microequity token can have price guidance from the share price of TSLA, but for emerging market holders, M-TSLA microequity can also uniquely price in the value of having direct access to a de-risked long term asset and act as a hedge against financial instability. It isn’t about fractionalizing the current system, it is about creating new financial opportunities that work at the level of emerging markets where even a single dollar matters.”

Jung added that their aim is to advance microfinance by moving beyond microloans into microequity that can create wealth regardless of socioeconomic standing.

“Blockchain technologies allow for this by removing much of the overhead of financial administrative and infrastructure costs that prevent value from being accumulated at the microfinance level,” Jung said.

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