Michael Liang Zhao Joins Powerbridge Technologies

Powerbridge Technologies, the Nasdaq-listed technology firm, announced today that the company has appointed Michael Liang Zhao, a well-known blockchain expert, to lead its technology development efforts in blockchain applications and cryptocurrency mining.

Zhao has extensive experience in Bitcoin and Ethereum mining. Prior to joining Powerbridge, Zhao successfully led the development of a public blockchain focusing on data storage and analysis. In addition to his BTC and ETH mining experience, Zhao established an AI-based and GPU integrated operating system (FXOS) designed for the mining of Ethereum and other GPU-based cryptocurrencies.

Through the appointment of Zhao, Powerbridge Technologies is planning to expand its blockchain and crypto mining operations. The company provides several blockchain-based technology solutions.

“The blockchain and crypto markets are growing and changing rapidly. We need someone with Michael’s caliber and expertise to lead our blockchain technology and applications development. I am pleased Michael is on board with us, and we are excited to working with Michael to continue growing our blockchain and crypto business,” Stewart Lor, President and Chief Financial Officer of Powerbridge Technologies, said.

Earlier this month, Powerbridge Technologies formed a strategic partnership with Cryptodigital Holdings to Acquire Bitcoin and Ethereum Miners.

Zhao’s Profile

Powerbridge mentioned that Zhao’s broad crypto mining experience will help the company’s blockchain and cryptocurrency business. Zhao currently owns different ETH mining operations.

“Mr Zhao previously served as CTO at Nasdaq-listed companies Tudou Holdings (TUDO) and Ku6.com (KUTV), both companies were later acquired by publicly listed companies. He held various technology positions at Microsoft and IBM. Mr Zhao co-founded and invested in several technology startups that received venture investments from top-tiered VCs such as Bertelsmann, Legend Capital and Cherubic Ventures,” the technology firm mentioned.

The global crypto mining industry has grown significantly in the last few years. The surge was mainly driven by the jump in crypto adoption and the value of digital currencies. International technology firms are now hiring experienced mining experts to expand their blockchain and crypto operations.

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