Maybank Hires Ben Robson as Head of Leverage FX

Maybank Kim Eng, the investment banking and brokerage division of Malaysian bank Maybank, has appointed Ben Robson as its head of leverage FX (London).

As updated on his LinkedIn profile, Robson has assumed the new role at the beginning of this month and will be based in London.

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He has over a decade of experience in the financial industry, especially in the forex.

To join the investment bank, he is leaving the position of CEO at Spectrex Commodities. He headed the Monaco-licensed company for 5 years. He also left his international business development director role at Xenfin Capital after a year.

Along with his new role, Robson will continue his adjunct professor role teaching foreign exchange hedging and risk management at the International University of Monaco. He also gained his masters of business administration (MBA) degree from the same university.

Years of experience in FX

He entered the financial market in 2006 as the head of FX Asia Pacific at MF Global and left the company after 5 years for FIXI as the CEO of FIXI Middle East DMCC and managing director of FIXI Singapore.

At MF Global he set up the company’s institutional and retail FX business in Hong Kong before running the regional FX business with FX teams in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Australia India, and Dubai; and at FIXI he ran two successful FX businesses, specializing in ndf trading and arbitrage, as detailed in his Linked profile.

He is also a British army veteran.

Robson’s appointment came following Maybank’s appointment of Aditya Laroia as head of the prime brokerage and country head of investment management in Singapore.

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