Matt Damon to Appear in New Ad

Oscar-winning actor and writer Matt Damon – who received an Academy Award in the late 90s for his work on the screenplay for “Good Will Hunting” – is the world’s latest celebrity crypto rep.

Matt Damon Is the New Face of

Damon recently shot a commercial that was produced by RESET, the production company of renowned film director David Fincher. The commercial is for, one of the world’s most visited digital currency websites, and features a global ad slogan suggesting that “Fortune Favors the Brave.” The advertisement will begin airing in the United States on television this coming Thursday.

The commercial lasts approximately 60 seconds and is directed by Wally Pfister. The ad features Damon talking directly to viewers about all the men and women who have made significant differences in the world. The purpose of the commercial is to inspire viewers to become their best selves and do all they can to make the planet a better place.

Towards the end, the platform is officially introduced to viewers while Damon talks about the globe’s accelerated acceptance of crypto. The commercial will have its premiere during this week’s edition of “Thursday Night Football,” which airs on Fox Sports. It will then run in approximately 20 separate countries.

Kris Marszalek – the co-founder and CEO of – commented in a recent interview that the ad couldn’t have been timed any better. He states:

The timing of this campaign coincides with the early stages of mainstream adoption of cryptocurrency, something we’ve been hard at work to advance since our founding five years ago. We’re very excited to introduce our company to a global audience, inviting them to our secure platform with a message focused on financial independence and self-determination.

Damon joins a growing list of celebs that have joined the cryptocurrency craze. Not long ago, Live Bitcoin News published a story about Grammy-winning singer and musician Mariah Carey and her massive investment in the Gemini Exchange, a crypto trading platform based in New York. Carey’s goal was to push women closer towards the crypto and tech worlds, which are still allegedly dominated by men.

More Celebs Are Flocking to BTC

Commenting on the situation, co-founder of Gemini Tyler Winklevoss explained:

It’s great to see Mariah and other celebrities discover bitcoin as an investment and hedge against inflation. Cryptos like bitcoin and ether were two of the best performing assets of the last decade. Our goal at Gemini is to help educate you on the promise of crypto and make it simple, easy, and safe for you to engage in this new asset class. was founded in the year 2016 and boasts more than 10 million customers. One of the staple products offered by the firm is a crypto-based Visa card. Individuals can connect their cards to their digital currency accounts and use their assets to purchase goods and services.

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