Matic and Harmony Skyrocketed as Coinbase Announces that It May Add Them to Its Platform

When it comes to the crypto industry, it is clear that many aspects and issues are highly vulnerable to the influence of others. Today’s case with Matic, Harmony and some other promising coins is just the brightest example of such mutual influence of various factors.

While in general the situation on the market stays relatively stable, the crypto community couldn’t but notice an unusual price growth of some coins. At the time of writing, according to the data provided by Coinmarketcap, Matic is trading at $0,017 having added almost 70% just over the last 24 hours. Some similar changes can be observed in the case with Harmony (ONE). While its price has reached a level of $0,013, currently, the price growth is over 40%. Is it a pure coincidence? Definitely not.

Reasons for These Price Changes

The above-mentioned coins started to gain their value after the California-based trading platform Coinbase published a new post on its official blog. As Coinspeaker has already reported, at the moment Coinbase is considering an option of adding new coins to its platform in order to satisfy the needs of its clients all around the world. and

Let us remind you that the list of coins that have rather high chances to be added by Coinbase in the nearest future includes the following ones: Waves, Cosmos, Ontology, Algorand, Dash, Decred and, as you may have already guessed. Matic and Harmony.

Nevertheless, it’s worth mentioning that not all the coins in this list have managed to show the green light, at least by this very moment. For example, Ontology and Dash have lost 2% and 4% over the previous 24 hours, respectively.

But there is one more thing that unites Matic and Harmony. They both are the tokens launched on Binance Launchpad earlier this year. The CEO of Binance, Changpeng Zhao (or just “CZ”), has also pointed out this fact in his tweet after Coinbase revealed its plans to expand its offerings by adding new coins.

Glad to see @Coinbase supporting 2 of the @Binance LaunchPad projects here. West or east, exchanges working together to grow the industry.

They may have missed one jem, $BNB, lol!

— CZ Binance (@cz_binance) August 6, 2019

The support of such giants as Binance and Coinbase is an enormous booster for the growth. And Matic has already experienced even a higher price surge this year. In May its price surged by more than 75%. That month it gained over 610%. One of the reasons for it was the fact that the community expected to see the coin listed by Coinbase after it received finding from Coinbase Ventures. Though it still hasn’t been added to the Coinbase platform, according to the recently revealed information it may happen rather soon.

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