Marex Solutions‎ Launches New Structured Investment Product

Marex Solutions, a division of‎ global commodities brokerage Marex Spectron today ‎launched a capital-protected structured investment product, which offers ‎institutional, corporate and individual clients an opportunity to invest in a ‎sophisticated, secure and potentially high-yielding instrument.‎

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‎ The new product allows investors to tap growth opportunities globally ‎acorss commodities, equities, foreign exchange, credit and mutual funds

The London-based broker said demand for such services is expected to be ‎relatively resilient as clients benefit from a competitive funding level from a ‎multinational counterparty and achieve customised exposure to a broad ‎spectrum of underlyings.‎

The broker’s latest expansion is a bid to strengthen its ‎capabilities in the capital and liquidity management space, ‎according to a Marex Spectron statement.‎

Nilesh Jethwa, CEO of Marex Solutions, commented: “It Is through the use of ‎new technology that we can offer flexible, intelligent, transparent and cost-‎effective structured products. This is what we have achieved in a short-period of ‎time in the corporate hedging space and is where we also see a significant ‎opportunity in the structured investment market.”‎

Marex Spectron’s structured investment product is designed to ‎support the group’s growth during one of the more ‎tumultuous times for the industry, as there is a high degree ‎of turnover amongst banks and other competitors, many of ‎which are exiting the space. Overall, the expansion of the ‎investment vehicles offers more opportunities to Marex ‎Spectron, allowing it to better meet capital and liquidity ‎management demands.‎

The past year saw Marex Spectron also solidify its ‎position across global commodities markets, including ‎seeing its volumes maintain the top spot on the London ‎Metal Exchange (LME), as well as on the LME Select ‎electronic platform. In terms of the energy sector, the ‎group was a top three broker across agriculture, including ‎soft commodities such as sugar, coffee, cocoa and ‎European grains options.‎

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