IOHK Gets Ready To Launch The First Public Catalyst Fund For Cardano

IOHK dropped an important announcement that’s been retweeted by the Cardano community.

Check it out below.

So, Project Catalyst will be introduced on September 16 and this will be an experiment in community innovation.

The official notes reveal, “Ada holders will be able to submit their ideas, collaborate, vote and award funds to their favorite projects.”

The notes continue: “Join us and get involved as we build out a new innovation platform and start to shape the future of Cardano, as a community.”

As expected, the feedback that the Cardano community dropped following the news was really positive.

All interested people have to do is register.

Cardano releases new scam warning

In other news, earlier today, Cardano addressed a new scam alert.

The group posted a piece of vital information on their Twitter account.

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