How Elon Musk’s Starlink Could Make Dogecoin Unstoppable

Key Takeaways

  • The Dogecoin Foundation’s recently released trail map includes a feasible collaboration with Elon Musk’s Starlink.
  • Crypto proponents have weighed in on how significant it is for the memecoin. 
  • The new year also holds a lot of promise for DOGE. 

The recently reinstated Dogecoin Foundation has released a trail map, a term it prefers to the roadmap as it more reflects that Dogecoin is a community-driven and open-source project. A stunning item on the document is a proposed project that will see the Dogecoin blockchain partner with Elon Musk’s extra-terrestrial internet service Starlink to enable Dogecoin transactions in remote locations.

The details of the project which is aptly named RadioDoge (Starlink + Radio nodes for remote locations) are expected to be unlocked as it takes shape according to the Dogecoin Foundation. 

A Starlink collaboration with Dogecoin (DOGE) would be huge

The news induced some excitement in the Dogecoin community. According to cryptocurrency YouTuber and staunch Dogecoin supporter Matt Wallace, the integration could essentially make Dogecoin “unstoppable.”

Starlink is the internet service powered by SpaceX’s constellation of satellites. According to research from earlier this year by Arthur Gervais, a lecturer at the Imperial College London, Starlink has the potential to help Dogecoin miners scale the transaction throughput of the network by several orders of magnitudes. The research cites that with internet service provided by fiber optics, the estimated round trip time (RTT) between London and Singapore was 159ms while it was 108ms on Starlink.

“Dogecoin could very well scale its transaction throughput by orders of magnitude if its miners were to engage in a dedicated Starlink relay network,” wrote Gervais. “Using Starlink as a network to propagate blockchain peer-to-peer data among miners would equally help speed up substantially the current blockchain throughput, without deteriorating its security.”

Gervais’ proposal may just be put to the test with this latest development.

Other promising Dogecoin developments to look out for in 2022

2021 was a very exciting year for Dogecoin. The price of the native token of the network, DOGE was up around 3,730%. It is currently trading at $0.16, about a 75% drop from its all-time high price of $0.75.

Regardless, market participants are excited for the meme coin kicking off into 2022 for various reasons. Several of these reasons are tied to Elon Musk as the billionaire has been a staunch supporter of the dog-themed coin and is dedicated to seeing it advance. One of these is the planned SpaceX Falcon X mission that is being funded with DOGE and set to launch in May 2022. Another is Tesla’s plan to accept DOGE for its merchandise which will also probably roll out in Q1 2022. 

In the Dogecoin Foundation trail map as well, several projects will bring improvements to Dogecoin’s already promising blockchain infrastructure.

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