Hicky: The App That Brings Dating to the Blockchain

The dating industry was amongst the first to be disrupted by modern technology. When the internet first came on the scene, one of the things people did was use it for personalized interactions. After a while, apps and platforms began to thrive with user interfaces and user experience being improved all the time. A few such apps are Tinder, Happn, Badoo, and many others. These apps now have hundreds of millions using them.

They have a downside

However, some people do not trust dating apps. This is due to an issue of lack of privacy and unfairness, which is inherent to any centralized system. However, dating is something that will never go away, and developers have been working to solve some of the issues.

A centralized system usually requires gathering a lot of information in order to optimize the matching process. The more data points they gather, the better they can match participants. Users often expose more information with the hope that they get results that are more accurate.

There is also the issue of spam and bots. Besides that, fake profiles are quite common on dating apps.

The solution

To solve these issues the developers of Hicky will utilize the blockchain. This will ensure that the dating process is secure and effective. The app utilizes the blockchain to create a network that has an underlying token economy.

To ensure user data is secure, the app utilizes a decentralized database. All the data is then secured via encryption. For the messaging aspect, the Whisper protocol is going to be used to ensure decentralization. The messages will be secure and private. Besides that, users have to pay a small transaction fee to limit spam. The verification process will be done via a face scan and voice recognition. This will ensure that the use of bots is kept at bay and help create a network of trusted participants.

The Token Sale

To fund the development of this platform, its creators opted for a token sale. The sale is already live and will end in about three days’ time. The sale is being carried out via smart contracts on Ethereum. The token sale launched on 14th February. To be part of the sale, you can send litecoin, bitcoin or ether to the designated address. The HKY tokens are being sold at a rate of 7500 HKY per ETH. This token sale has already reached the soft cap, which means the project is a go.

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