Fiancia Limited UK Launches Crypto News TV Channel & Copy Trading Platform

Fiancia Limited is a UK-based limited liability company with a dedicated team of finance experts, market analysts, blockchain experts, developers, marketing experts and market leaders. The team has decades of experience in fintech, investment banking, and the trading industry.

With the demand for cryptos continuing to climb, Fiancia Limited UK is launching a dedicated TV news channel for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, which will be the first TV channel of its kind.

This announcement to launch a TV channel focused solely on cryptocurrencies has drawn widespread endorsements from the cryptocurrency community. Indeed, the industry has to date lacked a reliable source of authentic information for all cryptocurrencies and related fields, namely across this medium.

The aim of this channel is to keep viewers updated from recent happenings in crypto-world. This channel will not only cover those events, which can affect the value of crypto currencies directly or indirectly, but also increase awareness about the technology behind these crypto currencies with pros and cons.

The CEO of Fiancia Limited UK, Babar Mahmood shared his opinion about the channel, noting: “This channel will change the trading of cryptocurrency to a whole new level. The market capitalization of these currencies is already in billions and it can break the barriers with the channel like this.”

“Fiancia Coin holders will enjoy the benefits from value growth of coins by the TV channel and crypto copy trading platform revenues collectively. The broadcasting of breaking news will prevent traders from big losses due to any unfortunate incident or government decision. I am happy that we are providing such a platform which will bring some real change in this industry,” he added.

In addition, the business model and operational style of world-leading business channels like CNBC, Bloomberg and Business Insider will be adopted to ensure that leading trends will be endorsed this channel. Financia has been decided that the TV channel will be operated from Dubai with the process to acquire a requisite license having already been initiated.

This channel will also aim to increase awareness about Blockchain and other crypto-technologies while explaining how decentralized currencies can change the global economic structure for the next generation.

A disruptive form of copy trading

Fiancia’s cryptocurrency copy trading platform will also seek to enable investors to copy the trades of the best performing investors to obtain better ROI. The traders will be ranked based on the trading performance and history.

The traders and investors will be on the same page to get good returns while using social network investment strategies. Fiancia is launching an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to raise funds for these new innovative projects. It is starting the pre-ICO sale of its token, FIN, on March 1, and it will remain open until the end of March.

Investors are entitled to a 50 percent discount in these 31 days of the pre-ICO sale. The price of FIN token is expected to rise soon after the launch of TV channel as it will increase the brand awareness and expansion of the infrastructure, which will further increase FIN token value.

Furthermore, Fiancia will give bonuses and fixed monthly payments to successful and talented crypto traders – higher success rates will also increase the value of FIN tokens and benefits for the investors at the copy trading platform. Visit for more details about services of the company and to read its whitepaper.

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