EOS Revises Launch Plans, Questions of Value Arise

The EOS ecosystem may have a select and exclusive group of 21 master stakers, creating questions about token value and the democracy of the system.

The EOS operating system, Dawn, was delayed for a few months, causing the price of the EOS token to slide and hover below $10. Now, the project has been dissected more critically, as tests are running and the structure and aims of the network are being revealed gradually.

An early sign that EOS tokens may be important in the distributed operating system and for staking and creatind dApps is the move by F2Pool to acquire EOS for more than $7.1 million. It is possible that the Bitcoin pool is preparing to become a serious staker of tokens. At this point, one of the plans is to create a distributed network of 21 super-nodes, which would require a significant investment both in computing power and in EOS tokens for staking.

Bitfinex to Launch EOS.IO-Based Decentralized Exchange

EOS remains attractive and sees its price spikes for several reasons. There are still months left with daily auctions. Then, there is the expectation of an airdrop of IQ tokens for all EOS holders, coming from the Evripedia project.

But others believe EOS has no underlying value, and its price movements are purely speculative.

As the markets recovered, the price of EOS inched upward, to about $9.70, up about 8% in the past week, with slow growth and currently little chance of attempting the $20 range again.

EOS Partners with Bancor

Prior to the official planned launch of the EOS.IO, the BlockOne company behind the project announced a partnership with Bancor. Bancor, until now dealing mostly with Ethereum tokens, offers a decentralized price-discovery and exchange service. With EOS, Bancor moves to a new type of blockchain for the first time.

“We see the Bancor Protocol as an elegant solution for liquidity that benefits all token holders by offering a completely new paradigm for value exchange based on efficiently automated market makers, powered by auditable smart contracts. This is the future of fair, low cost and predictable value exchange, and we’re excited to bring these benefits to the EOS.IO community,” said Dan Larimer, CTO of Block.one.

With a few months to come, the EOS project will have to show its real-life capabilities, as investors may finally discover a better rationale for the price.

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