EOS Launch: Dan Larimer Says Network Will Have No Vulnerabilities

EOS has two days to go until the token freeze, once again urging users to register if they have not done it.

Christine Masters,
30 mins ago


The EOS network launch is coming within two days, making a last call to anyone who did not register balances to hurry up and do so. It seems everything is ready for EOS to demonstrate it is indeed an innovative network.

The recent news that a Chinese research team found fatal flaws in the EOS protocol were dismissed as FUD, attempting to attack the image of EOS. Dan Larimer himself denied the rumors, stating that the EOS ecosystem was safe to launch.

However, the EOS operating system and network have announced a bug bounty for faulty smart contracts - meaning that even for EOS, expensive surprises may be in store, similar to Ethereum. Despite the claims that the bugs were fixed, a system like EOS going live may not happen as smoothly as predicted. Dan Larimer is set to have more critics in the coming days:

Ahead of the launch, the market price of EOS inched upward, steadying to $12.28 after dropping below $12 a day ago. As always, EOS is supported by Asian trading, with a hety share of Tether (USDT) influence. Three daily auctions of EOS remain, taking the entire EOS haul to the equivalent of around $4 billion, even at current Ethereum prices.

As it is usual with big news surrounding coins, EOS may be sold off after the mainnet launch. On May 31, there will be a brief freeze of trading to test the network.

More eyes are focusing on EOS, and garnering criticism. It may turn out that the EOS system is quite complicated and arcane, including a human element. EOS has a centralized, written constitution, a code of behavior drafted by Block One, in a way working against principles of decentralization, where separate actors have incentives to support the network. Instead, EOS issues the rules and laws top-down.

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