EOS On The Brink Of All Time High

We called it and indeed, EOS looks like it’s about to do it.

The highest recorded value for EOS, is of course $18.16, as recorded on the 13th of January 2018.

At the time of writing, EOS is currently valued at $16.37, up a stunning 11.31%.

Not so long ago, we noticed a trend within EOS in that it looked to make a very fast recovery towards it’s half way point at around $9.00. At this point, EOS tickled near enough 50% of its prime value. This occurred just a few weeks ago and yet today, we are now less than $2.00 away from breaching the all time high for EOS of, $18.16.

EOS is making really good progression and it looks as if it could breach $18.00 off its own back with no need to wait for the next bull run or market surge. That’s really important because we believe at the moment, EOS looks to be one of the major currencies making movements on it’s own and, actually, it almost looks to be leading the rest of the market.

We can certainly assume that EOS has at least temporarily shaken off the grasp of Bitcoin. Over the past couple of days, we have seen Bitcoin take a plunge. Initially this was blamed on market correction but actually, it now looks as if a huge coin dump by Mt. Gox trustees was to blame. We can’t ensure this just yet, but that’s the news.

Either way, during this time EOS did not succumb to Bitcoin’s plunge, in fact it remained on a positive trajectory where all of the other currencies failed to hold on, dropping in the wake of an overall market depression. Okay, so EOS did see some reduction in the speed of it’s progress but overall, it did not lose any value, that’s the important thing to consider here.

If EOS continues at this rate through the weekend, then we will no doubt see $18.00 breached within the start of May. Of course, if a second bull run occurs in April as the experts are suggesting then EOS will make even bigger gains off the back of this. We do believe though, EOS at the moment does not need this surge to make the gains we are predicting.

This is not investment advice of course and, much of this is based on optimism and speculation. EOS could very well be one of the first major currencies to breach it’s all time high, leaving behind it a trail of positivity. Soon enough, the big coins will catch up. Perhaps the behaviour of EOS is a sign of things to come if indeed it is starting to lead the way for the markets as we have suggested before.

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