Enjin (ENJ) Almost Doubles Its Value Due To Samsung Rumors

According to unconfirmed reports, the cryptocurrency firm Enjin, could have been appointed by Samsung to be backing its wallet on the Galaxy S10 smartphone. The information was released by Asia Crypto Today on February 25. Although these are unconfirmed rumours, Enjin Coin skyrocketed almost 100% in the last 24 hours.

Enjin Wallet Could Back Samsung’s Galaxy S10 Services

Anonymous sources provided an image to the outlet that was apparently posted by Tworld, the second largest telecom company in the country. This screenshot shows that the Enjin wallet is being used in the Galaxy S10 and it contains different Ethereum-based tokens. The coins featured are Basic Attention Token (BAT) and the Enjin Coin (ENJ).

Sources familiar with the matter believe that the Enjin Wallet will be installed in the Galaxy S10. Some of the reports mention that the new smartphone is going to be used by over 31 million users around the world. The wallet would be supporting ERC-20 tokens and also ERC-1155 crypto assets.

At the moment of writing, the wallet that the company has is available on iOS and Android. It also supports both ERC-20 and ERC-1155 tokens.

On February 20, Samsung unveiled its flagship smartphone and announced it will include storage for private cryptocurrency keys. However, the firm did not mention anything about including a cryptocurrency wallet.

The cryptocurrency analyst from South Korea, Heslin Kim, released a video on Twitter in which he claims that there was a Galaxy S10 tutorial on how to use an integrated blockchain wallet. Moreover, he suggests that Samsung is trying to aggressively compete against Apple and other smartphone manufacturers.

According to CoinDesk Korea, they were able to test the new smartphone presented by Samsung. However, there was no official announcement regarding Enjin’s support on the Samsung Galaxy S10.

At the time of writing this article, Enjin Coin is being traded around $0.09, growing almost 100% compared to 24 hours ago. Now, CoinMarketCap is registering a price increase of 86%. Enjin Coin has also a market capitalization of $68.84 million, making of it the 61st largest digital asset in the market. This is very important for Enjin Coin that was traded close to $0.09 back in June 2018.

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