Dr Craig Wright: Caught Plagiarizing Mathematical Theorem

Craig Wright, a claimant to the “Satoshi Nakamoto” identity, and strong Bitcoin Cash supporter, has been accused of stealing a mathematical model for his latest paper.

Christine Masters,
4 hrs ago


Dr Craig S. Wright, one of the prominent theoretical proponents of crypto coins, has been involved in another scandal - this time, plagiarizing a mathematical proof to support his theory on mining.

The discovery of plagiarized text in one of the latest papers by Wright is just another addition to a series of claims that have amused, or angered the crypto community. The infamy of Dr Wright started with the still unverified claims that he is in fact Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin.

At the moment, the paper in question has been pulled down and seems unavailable on the SSRN service. In his defence, Dr Wright stated that the paper was still in draft form, and this is the reason why it lacked proper citation and attribution.

For crypto investors, the scandal may turn to be another blow to the credibility of Bitcoin Cash. At the same time, Dr Wright keeps writing on the potential for scaling and on mining issues. The digital asset itself remains relatively depressed, with a price below $700. The Bitcoin Cash project now exists with a mix of a growing community of enthusiasts, and criticism on the side of older crypto adopters, who believe the first contentious Bitcoin hard fork is merely an altcoin.


Dr Wright finds Bitcoin Cash to be a coin offering better economic freedom due to the lifting of block size constraints. At the same time, Dr Wright also criticizes the SegWit approach, and the Lightning Network, as tools that are redundant and have abducted Bitcoin from its original path.

The plagiarism accusation and the backlash on Reddit happens just days after Vitalik Buterin called Dr Wright a fraud during the Deconomy blockchain and fintech event. The contention between Buterin and Dr Wright is long-standing, and concerns rather esoteric issues of governance and game theory. However, on the surface, statements like these point out the hard questions surrounding the future of Bitcoin and the feasibility of the network.


Previously, Reddit users have noted the papers of Dr Wright contain passages taken outright without attribution.

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