Crypto Sports Betting Comes Of Age For Russian World Cup

We are now enjoying the Football World Cup that is taking place in Russia and there has never been such an important number of Bitcoin sports betting options. Indeed, during the World Cup in Brazil, we had very few betting sites such as Nitrogen and CloudBet.

But the situation is now completely different. After having a bull run in the crypto market at the end of 2017 an important number of websites decided to embrace cryptocurrencies. Indeed, there are more options where to wage using virtual currencies, including and

A More Mature Market

This year has brought a lot of volatility to important betting companies in the United Kingdom. People are very excited about who will be the winner of this tournament, and there is no clear favourite. Teams like Brazil, Germany, France, and Spain are always great candidates for winning the most competitive football tournament in the world.

It is also important to mention that times when it was only possible to bet with BTC are already in the past. The best bitcoin World Cup bookmakers let users play with BTC, ETH, Dash and LTC!

At the same time, the cryptocurrency market allowed bet sites to have higher liquidity. Compared to the last World Cup, this time it is possible to see insanely high betting limits which is always a welcoming update. Users have more chances to place higher bets and win incredible rewards.

About this, Mirio Mella, Cloudbet’s Head of Acquisition explained:

“Bitcoin betting is really coming of age at the 2018 World Cup, so we wanted to do something special. Limits of 100BTC or 700BCH seemed like a sexy number for the final, while 20BTC or 140BCH for the group and knockout phase is hardly chicken feed. This could be the first World Cup in history where the highest betting limits are only available to those with bitcoin.”

These betting limits should satisfy everyone, there has never been such a chance to place so high bets before in such an important event like the world cup.

All of this is possible because virtual currencies allow transactions with low fees, no central authority and fast payments. If we compare this with fiat currencies, there is a very important difference.

More Promotions!

But that’s not all, there is an important number of promotions that will make the betting experience much more interesting. Sometimes, it is not easy to decide where to bet, and it is necessary to compare the different promotions available.

NitrogenSports is offering 0.5BTC in prizes this year at the World Cup with their Nitrogen Sports X-Challenge. There are different ways to participate and win incredible prizes while betting for your favourite teams!

If you want to be part of discussions, debates, and share your experience with other wagers it is possible to do it. There is a forum that allows individuals to make informed bets about future matches, scores and predictions.


As the virtual currency market becomes more mature, there is also a growing number of sites that are offering crypto betting possibilities. Indeed, the World Cup is a great moment to offer new betting experiences, higher limits and enhanced experience around virtual currencies.

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