How Crypto Mining Could Change WiFi Forever

Blockchain technology really is expanding into a lot of different markets and areas these days, and is mostly recognised in all fields. The newest item to adapt to this blockchain is the Chinese Newifi router, Route 3. This is the first intelligent router that has bee equipped with blockchain technology.

The Newifi team have used blockchain + Fog Calculating, which is an innovative combination of blockchain technology that has been embedded in the router hardware.  So, the router becomes a node in the network acceleration, before it relies on fog calculation to achieve different functions, such as broadband resources and storage space.

ON top of this, they have introduced a gold mining area function, where they already have a daily volume of 1 million. This digital gold can be used for user and enterprise acceleration in the future. The use of digital gold is very useful indeed, as enterprises can buy back their digital gold, and exchange services to ensure that the company’s business can operate normally. The digital gold team is also working closely with Tencent in order to accelerate their mobile games, showing that the market for digital gold could just go on and on. is a digital gold company that is operated by US companies. Officials have also planned a NEWG/iPhoneX campaign, although this is only limited to people in the US, but allows users to get a qualifications where they can get a free conversion iPhoneX, so long as they submit 5000 digital gold on their website. This service works on a first come, first serviced basis and if they are not obtained, they will simply be postponed until the next day.

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