Crypto Hour: Will Crypto Miners Switch Off on March 24?

The Russians came up with an intriguing initiative. They want to stop the crypto mining activities all over the world for one hour in honor for the “Earth Hour” event.

About Earth Hour

Every year, the Earth Hour is being organized on the last Saturday of March. It’s a world-class event, which implies stopping the electricity for an hour, as the issue of carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere that continues to worsen. All of you are asked to turn off the lights and disconnect any household appliance with a small level of importance for an hour.

In 2018, the Earth Hour will take place on March 24, 8:30 PM.

About Crypto Hour

It seems that the Russians are encouraging the environmental protection. They created the “Crypto Hour” initiative, which will take place under the same conditions as the Earth Hour. The purpose of this initiative is to sensitize the miners of digital coins and to focus their activities on the environment protection. The impact of crypto mining centers is very huge in relation to ecology. The Crypto Hour also aims to support and encourage this industry in order to find eco-friendly solutions.

The cryptocurrency miners are still looking for cheap electric energy in order to streamline in their basic activities. This has led and continues to lead to many world affairs.

Let’s create an ecological mining map …

The Founder of CryptoLife and organizer of Crypto Hour, Pyotr Dvoryankin told Rambler News Service that “The aim of the protest is making the Russian government and those of other countries create an ‘ecological mining’ map… and also to stimulate investment in such ecological mining projects”.

“We also want to create systems allowing reuse of heat generated from the mining process and develop more energy-efficient distributed ledger technologies.”

We should capitalize on energy use

The mining crypto industry continues to grow, regardless of the losses on the marketplace in terms of devaluation of digital coins. More and more consumers are getting involved in activities requiring mass use of electricity.

We should try searching and testing for eco-friendly solutions and not only, in order to reduce the power consumption. One of the new projects is “Cryptomatoes“, which uses a device to increase the efficiency of the mining activities.

What do you think about Crypto Hour? Do you think that countries all over the world will join this initiative?

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