Co-founder of IOTA believes that a great future awaits the crypto currency

Often, a lot of news from the crypto-currency world is connected with Bitcoin or Ethereum, which is why some people simply overlook the rest of this large-scale market, for example, a part called IOTA.

With a market capitalization of about 5 billion dollars, it is ranked eleventh in the coinmarketcap rating. However, unlike others, IOTA has its unique advantage in Blockchain technology, which they call Tangle, the most important step forward is the zero commission for the transaction.

Recently, IOTA has attracted the attention of large German companies. For example, the chief employee of the Digital Volkswagen Group, Fohann Jungwirt, is one of the board members of the IOTA Foundation. In turn, Bosh Group invested an unnamed amount and works closely with the fund.

In the interview Bloomberg co-founder of IOTA, Dominique Schiener, said his project is moving forward, including through new partnership agreements. IOTA creates offices around the world, including in Canada, Japan, Norway and South Korea. Also, Dominique Schiener added that, through partnership agreements, IOTA is moving to the next growth cycle.

Developers and mathematicians employed by the IOTA fund for working with crypto-currencies receive payment in IOTA tokens, rather than ordinary money.

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