Cardano Could Take Off, Again

I’m going to call what happened at the end of last week, the ‘mid-April market surge’ because I feel like I’m going to be writing an awful lot about it this week, so really, it needs a catchy title.

We saw the major currencies make huge gains over the end of last week between the 12th and 14th of April. As predicted, the markets did encounter some troughs through it’s natural correction and the weekend did see a bit of an end to the hype, but today, we still have some currencies really standing out to be proving themselves, ready for the next bull run which is expected sooner, rather than later.

Cardano is really standing out as one such currency. Let’s track back a few days so we can really appreciate how the currency has evolved over the weekend.

On Monday the 9th of April, Cardano dropped to $0.14, by the 11th, it had had some minor growth, reaching $0.15, nothing to shout about, really.

The 12th of April, saw Cardano jump to $0.18 prior to the surge. In the midst of all the drama, Cardano then peaked at $0.21 on Friday the 13th of April.

Today, the 16th of April see’s Cardano valued at an impressive $0.23 at the time of writing, up 11.79%, showing absolutely no signs of dropping off this trajectory.

As you can see, based on the above figures, Cardano has made some really good progress, both during the market surge and seemingly off its own back. Cardano has shown an element of strength of late, considering that in just one week, the value of the currency has risen by 164%.

Where do we expect to see Cardano move to this week?

As it looks like Cardano only suffered from a brief correction period, I can’t imagine it will see any sudden values below the $0.20 mark creeping up any time soon. If this trend of fast progression continues then Cardano could his $0.30 by the end of the week. We should also consider that, if the experts are correct then the markets will see another surge this week, if this is the case, coupled with Cardano’s self-made progress, we could even see it’s value double again and reach $0.40, or, in a dream world, $0.50.

As we know, Cardano reached $1.30 during January in the midst of the cryptocurrency boom, so you can argue that in the grand scheme of things, Cardano still has quite a long way to go. Either way, maintaining about $0.20 is a really good sign that Cardano is ready for another boom. $1.00 might be a distance off yet, but with a possible value of $0.50 on the horizon, we could see $1.00 much sooner than we think.

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