Buyers of TOSS Tokens Will Have a Chance to Test the Ecosystem during Token Sale

Blockchain-based betting ecosystem PROOF OF TOSS has launched its referral program and is getting ready to demonstrate the beta-version of the platform. Users will have a chance to test the MVP during the token sale which is planned to begin on 24th April 2018. Right here, in this article, you can see the samples of platform interface.

Two solutions

PROOF OF TOSS is a betting ecosystem, that is aimed to disrupt the traditional betting industry and improve the user experience.

The protocol consists of two solutions:

  • A peer-to-peer platform, where end-users will be able to create wagers, bet, and judge
  • A white-label open source solution for operating companies to supply events on any scale.

Everything on the platform is embedded in the logic of smart contracts, powered by the promising RSK blockchain, which has recently released its main net. By utilising RSK, PROOF OF TOSS will provide:

  • transparency
  • immutability
  • protection from fraudulent activities
  • great market coverage
  • possibility to bet on anything

Minimum viable product and interface examples

The peer-to-peer solution is a fully functional decentralized platform, where users can create wagers, place bets and act as judges in the distributed crowd judging mechanism. In both solutions, there is a system of deposits, which protects users from fraud.

The MVP will be ready for testing after the start of the token sale. All token buyers will have a chance to try betting with TOSS tokens, and compete against each other.

“We want users to get to know the system during our token sale. Wagers will be very small as this is just a demonstration for users, an opportunity to test the real product as soon as possible.” — Eugene Pavlenko, the PROOF OF TOSS CTO.

Here are some examples of the platform’s user interface

Personal Cabinet

Creating an Event

Before Judging


The team is currently developing a PROOF OF TOSS crypto wallet based on RSK. The wallet that is built into the system provides users with full control over their funds. Funds move from wallet to smart contract to wallet and thus cannot be hijacked, delayed or stolen by a third party.

This is how the PROOF OF TOSS crypto wallet will look like.

TOSS token

TOSS is a utility token of the ecosystem,  used to create wagers, place bets, vote, make deposits and provide collateral, and most importantly receive prizes and rewards. Tokenization, in general, provides betting with many advantages, such as faster transactions and guarantee of fair results. Also, tokens help scale the system and reduce the risk of server crashes and other technical failures.

In PROOF OF TOSS, a minimum of 1 billion TOSS tokens will be released if the hard cap is reached. This is the necessary amount to cover the average weekly turnover.

Unsold tokens are often burned after the token sale, which allows the owners to control the supply of their tokens. But in PROOF OF TOSS, there will not be such thing as “unsold tokens.” All tokens will be minted according to each individual purchase including bonuses, during the token sale.

Tokens will be distributed as follows


TOSS token holder benefits

All TOSS token holders will get the following benefits:

  • Access to the smart betting ecosystem from all over the world
  • High speed of transactions
  • Instant payouts
  • Secure betting environment
  • Several roles within the PROOF OF TOSS ecosystem
  • Full control over their TOSS tokens with the PROOF OF TOSS wallet

How to purchase TOSS tokens

Currently, the PROOF OF TOSS ecosystem is under development, and the team is getting ready for the public token sale which is planned to start on the 24th of April.

Now the project is going through its private sale stage. The minimum purchase amount during the private sale is 142 ETH with bonuses starting from 40%. To get more information about participating in the private sale talk to the team in Telegram

There is also a WhiteList, which is limited to 10000 subscribers and is filling fast. However, there is still a chance to jump in and receive your bonuses. The first 10000 people that join the whitelist and purchase TOSS tokens during the open token sale will receive a 1000 TOSS token, early bird bonus. The subscription box for it is located on the front page of the website.

PROOF OF TOSS referral program

There is one more way to receive bonus TOSS tokens: everyone can bring a friend and get 8% per referral. For this affiliate program PROOF OF TOSS has allocated 5% of all TOSS tokens.

For participating in the referral program, all you have to do is register on and get the referral link. Invite friends to the token sale by sharing your unique referral link with them.

The referral program has two levels:

  • For every purchase made through a direct referral link, users will receive 8% of TOSS tokens from the purchased amount.
  • For every purchase made through a second tier referral link (a link that was generated by a user that was referred), users receive 2% of TOSS tokens from the purchased amount.

The first referral link is saved for the duration of the token sale, and even if they don’t buy immediately and go back to in a week or two, the referrer will still receive a bonus from their purchase.

PROOF OF TOSS in the Internet

Learn more about PROOF OF TOSS at and join the Whitelist.
Participate in the referral program:
Talk to the team in our Telegram
Join the project’s page on Facebook
Stay tuned and follow the project on Twitter

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