Building a AAA Blockchain-Based Game — How Metablaze is Gearing Up for the GameFi Revolution

GameFi is gaining ground. Despite the 2022 crypto market crash, many of the world’s biggest investment firms and video game studios see the potential for blockchain-based gaming. Companies as large as Sony, Nintendo, and Square Enix have publicly said they’re interested in incorporating elements of Web3 into their game designs. Plus, some of the most Googled terms in 2021 were related to NFTs, metaverse land, and play-to-earn games.

According to a recent study released by, the total GameFi sector is already at $55.8 billion. Even more impressive, GameFi appears to be growing faster than the traditional video game industry. Some market analysts believe the blockchain gaming industry could increase at least 10-times as fast as the current video game market.

It’s clear that GameFi has a lot of room to grow, but there are unique challenges inherent in working with new technologies. Innovations like NFTs, play-to-earn gaming, and the metaverse are still in their infancy, and many blockchain games are experiencing growing pains. To make a AAA GameFi title, developers need to use a new “metaverse mindset.”

The GameFi project Metablaze has taken the time to develop a solid Web3 strategy that delivers the max value to gamers. While Metablaze is committed to making a fun & engaging 3D metaverse, it also recognizes that GameFi titles must incorporate multiple elements from Web3. Instead of focusing solely on the finished game, Metablaze has carefully considered all aspects of its expanding Web3 ecosystem. The intricate and interconnected nature of Metablaze’s platform ensures it will be a significant contender in the GameFi sector.

Successful Play-To-Earn Gaming Starts With Sound Money — What Makes Metablaze’s MBLZ Token So Special?

The “value” of playing a traditional video game is self-explanatory: It’s fun! While entertainment remains a central factor when developing a Web3 game, developers must consider other elements. Indeed, one of the unique value propositions of GameFi titles is that gamers are rewarded for their engagement.

Besides providing hours of amusement, GameFi titles give gamers financial incentives to keep coming back. The play-to-earn aspect of blockchain games opens the door to new passive income streams from gamers and non-gamers. As a bonus, many people learn valuable skills about the crypto economy via a GameFi title (e.g., using a crypto wallet, interacting with DeFi, and swapping tokens).

While adding a play-to-earn feature may seem simple, it has proven difficult even for successful GameFi titles. For instance, the hot Pokémon-style game “Axie Infinity” has faced criticism recently for its tokenomics. Many people in countries like The Philippines that rely on “Axie” for passive income are worried that their favorite game is no longer profitable.

Metablaze never wants gamers to feel they aren’t being rewarded for their time. That’s why Metablaze put a ton of emphasis on the tokenomics of its central MBLZ token. Since everything in the Metablaze ecosystem touches the MBLZ token, Metablaze wanted to be sure its crypto could withstand market volatility.

So, what’s the “secret sauce” that gives MBLZ so much value? There are many unique design elements that went into MBLZ tokens, but the most intriguing is an AI-enabled burn mechanism.

Using advanced AI algorithms, Metablaze can automatically buy and burn a set amount of MBLZ tokens to maintain price stability. Metablaze’s AI program detects abnormal sell volume and immediately burns MBLZ tokens from the circulating supply. The Metablaze team says they are prepared to burn up to 48 percent of the MBLZ token supply to help preserve their crypto’s buying power.

Another unique feature surrounding MBLZ is its enhanced liquidity in DeFi. Unlike many other metaverse tokens, MBLZ won’t be tied to one blockchain. Instead of relying on Ethereum’s dominance, Metablaze decided to release MBLZ as a BEP-20 and ERC-20 token.

During the current MBLZ presale, buyers only have access to the BEP-20 version of MBLZ. However, Metablaze expects to release the ERC-20 version of MBLZ later in 2022. By offering MBLZ on both Ethereum and the Binance Smart Chain, players will have an easy time using their MBLZ on two of the world’s largest decentralized exchanges: Uniswap and PancakeSwap. Investors interested in advanced DeFi activities like yield farming will also have more opportunities for passive income on these platforms.

While MBLZ is at the heart of Metablaze’s Web3 ecosystem, it’s not the only element that gives this project immense value. Metablaze continues to design and develop fantasy-themed NFTs that players could use as their in-game avatars. Each NFT will have unique specifications and features which could alter the odds in player-versus-player battles.

For those who aren’t interested in battling in the upcoming metaverse game, Metablaze will also offer land NFTs. Players could develop or rent their virtual property as they see fit to earn passive rewards in the form of NFTs or MBLZ tokens.

This layering of multiple Web3 elements provides countless ways to interact with the Metablaze ecosystem. Plus, the solid tokenomics underlying MBLZ tokens offer certainty and stability for gamers who are interested in passive income.

Metablaze Welcomes Everyone To Its Web3 Community — MBLZ Presale Is Still Going Strong

Unlike many other metaverse projects, Metablaze wants everyone to have the same opportunity to invest in MBLZ’s success. From the start of Metblaze’s MBLZ presale, the team hasn’t put any restrictions on who could buy these tokens. Anyone who believes in Metabalze’s team could still get in on the ground floor in the final presale round for MBLZ tokens.

Investors have already bought $2.5 million worth of MBLZ tokens in Metablaze’s presale rounds. The ongoing round presents a final opportunity to buy MetaBlaze Tokens before listing on major exchanges early this fall. All presale transactions during the crypto presale are rewarded with a 50% MBLZ Token bonus.

To participate in the MBLZ presale or to learn more about MetaBlaze, visit the official  Metablaze site here: Metablaze also frequently publishes news updates on social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, discord and potential investors can chat directly with the dev team on Telegram.


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