Bixtrim Forges Ahead with Newly Supported Crypto Ecosystem

The cryptocurrency industry continues to grow in 2018, with a groundswell of projects helping push cryptos into the mainstream. To date however, many individuals have been left out of this growth, with many ordinary investors missing out. Bixtrim (BXM) is the latest project to enable all people to engage in crypto trading and investing.

BXM’s team believes that advanced crypto financial services should be open for all individuals, not relegated to a small elite group of investors. In addition, BXM is working to make cryptos accessible and streamlined for use on a daily basis. The advent of blockchain technology allows for seemingly limitless possibilities that stand to dramatically improve legacy systems and other traditional forms of payments, investments, and other utilities.

BXM is also working to establish its own ecosystem of financial instruments based on these benefits, harnessing the power of blockchain technology. For its part, the group believes the best way to accomplish this will be the launch of its initial-coin-offering (ICO), which will help fund the development of its advanced cryptomarket.

The BXM platform provides a wide range of benefits and utility for investors and crypto market participants. Still in development, the platform streamlined exchange functionality, as well as a crypto pawnshop, futures contracts, new cryptos supporting escrow and multifactor authentication, debit cards linked to digital wallets, and other features.

What BXM can do for you

Despite a large number of projects launching in the industry, there is still ample room for growth and development. Many platforms and technologies are just beginning to scratch the surface and potential. BXM is working to perfect several of these technologies, supporting a broader product suite that is defined by services for the mass market.

BXM recognizes the main problems that are currently plaguing the industry. This includes the slow exchange of cryptos and in many cases the inability to exchange them to fiat money instantly. This process is still lengthy and can take upwards of several business days. Moreover, many coin holders are risking their investment and could potentially lose money.

The group has taken measures to help provide solutions for each issue. BXM is in partnership with a leading microfinance organization in Georgia – a member of its holding, a leading microfinance organization is facilitating the cash out of cryptos in minutes at BXM’s cash decks.

In addition, BXM will diversify accounts in various banks, helping support as many modern money transfer methods as possible (e.g. SEPA) to make transfers quick. In terms of helping support the value of coins, BXM is also working to develop a crypto pawn shop where coins owners can pawn them for some period and get them back, after paying off the commitment.

This possibility is extremely beneficial as it affords customers the opportunity to keep coins, as well as obtaining the needed cash for a short-term and profit in a long-term.

Issuance of globally supported crypto

BXM is also issuing a global crypto, with the ability to process at least 100k transactions per second. By harnessing such technology, this interface can support processing globally, with BXM coins serving as a catalyst that connects cryptos to retail markets.

Through its multifunctional platform, BXM and its various features and services will aim to fill the gaps of the existing alternative models for payments, savings, trading, exchange and lending. The project will be launched out of Georgia, which is strategically situated between Europe and Asia.

The aggregate success of BXM’s platform will also benefit BXM token holders by providing increased price stability, whereby leading to higher value of their token assets. Tokens will also help mitigate commissions on exchange platform, meaning that their market price will not be limited.

In essence, the more transactions are processed on platform, the more value BXM tokens obtain. Tokens allow to lower commissions in pawnshop, which means that their market price will not be limited – the more coins are pawned, the valuable BXM tokens will become.

Finally, BXM tokens can be exchanged to new cryptocurrency, which means that their market price will not be limited – the higher rises the price of coin, the valuable BXM tokens will become.

To help drive the development of its project, BXM will be initiating its ICO, with BXM tokens distributed among participants and investors. After the launch of Bixtrim platform, BXM tokens will be the main instrument used for the following transactions.

In particular, the overall volume of issued tokens will be 72.0 million BXM tokens. Prospective investors are encouraged to familiarize themselves with BXM’s whitepaper for more details. Owners of BXM tokens have the opportunity to earn even more tokens.

Finally, every registered user that has already purchased any number of tokens will be provided with a referral code and a referral link. This code or link can be shared with any unregistered person, so they can open registration form with the link or enter the code during registration manually. Whenever a purchase is made from an account registered via referral code or link, the referee will receive number of tokens, equal to 10 percent of original purchase, as a referral bonus.

This is one project you do not want to miss out on. With the industry continuing to evolve at a healthy pace, the time to be a part of a growing platform is now.

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