Bitcoin SV returns to Dubai for 14th Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit

The 14th Ritossa Family Office Investment Summit was held in Dubai from March 29–30 where Bitcoin Association together with the Bitcoin SV delegation were in attendance. For two consecutive days, members of the BSV delegation took to the stage to talk about the superior powers of the BSV blockchain and the power of data.

In his keynote, Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen explains the significance of Bitcoin as a service and how it’s made possible on the BSV blockchain.  

“Bitcoin can become the most powerful data network in the world since the internet that we need to make it easier for businesses and governments to use the Bitcoin blockchain. We need Bitcoin or Blockchain as a service, tools to make it easier for all of the billions of interactions which I think are possible with Bitcoin SV.”

Other speakers in the BSV ecosystem explained how the BSV blockchain can change lives for the better by helping people make better decisions with better data. 

“You can get all that data back from the blockchain, it’s verified true information,” says Stephan Nilsson. Nilsson is the CEO and founder of UNISOT, an enterprise blockchain service provider that founded SeafoodChain which tracks seafood along the supply chain. They provide scannable QR codes on food packages so that consumers can have access to information about the product they are buying.

Also highlighted in the summit is how blockchain functions as a public ledger. Torje Vingen Sunde, CTO of Abendum—a platform that secures business records—says the technology can reduce the risk of company fraud: “In the history of accounting there have been a lot of scandals and a missing piece throughout all of history has been a shared public ledger.”

As COVID-19 vaccines roll out worldwide, safety is a matter of concern for its recipients. Phillip Runyan, co-founder and managing partner of data integrity platform Veridat offers blockchain as a solution to gain consumers trust by providing transparency on a public ledger during clinical trials and research. “Our big pharma partner sees value to what it is that we bring to the table,” he says. “Especially when we operate on a blockchain.”

Speaking to CoinGeek, host Sir Anthony Ritossa, lauds BSV’s capabilities in supporting businesses across the globe. “Bitcoin SV is the most impressive fusion of data and money that I’ve come across for enterprises,” he says. “Not just here in Dubai in the UAE and across the Middle East, but also around the world.”

“There’s only one blockchain that is visually capable of scalability, speed and expense, says Robert Rice, founder of Omniscape, the only XR platform that monetizes Augmented Reality. “If you talk to anybody in my industry that’s not using Bitcoin SV, they have not done their technical due diligence or homework,” he stated.

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