Binance opens a decentralized Binance Chain exchange

BNB is a native coin of the new exchange.

According to own information Binance, the company is creating a new decentralized exchange Binance Chain. It will operate in parallel with the current Binance exchange.

The decentralized exchange will work in parallel and in interrelation with the centralized

In the official statement of the team it is said that Binance Chain will mainly provide sales of block-assets, and develop promising areas for the exchange of block-asset assets

The partners of the new exchange promise that the exchange will be productive, easy to operate and liquid.

The BNB exchange coin will also be upgraded. It will function on its own detachment and become the official coin of the exchange.

Binance also reported in its announcement about other completed projects – the technological incubator Binance Labs, the service Binance Info and others.

By the way, Binance will be transformed from the stock exchange into a community, the statement says.

In Binance predict that in the near future centralized and decentralized exchangers will work in mutual dependence and complementarity.

Author: Evgenij Novožilov, Analyst Freedman Club Crypto News

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