Binance, Coinbase record highest YTD exchange traffic; real exchanges making their mark?

Binance and Coinbase’s success and popularity, arguably the two most important cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, can be gauged using a metric that measures the amount of people they draw in. In the face of scams and questions of ‘real’ trading volume, such metrics are welcome an as recent estimates go, their “real” effect is working.

Kevin Rooke, a cryptocurrency analyst, charted out the site-visits to both Binance and Coinbase and attested that their figures for May 2019 were higher than any other cryptocurrency exchange this year. With Bitcoin and the larger cryptocurrency community soaring, traffic would be pushed, but to see that these exchanges took the lion’s share of the same points to a movement towards exchanges with “real” volume.

Binance, the Maltese exchange, took the top spot with over 1.37 million visits in a single day, with the month-on-month metric up by 16 percent in May 2019. Similarly, Coinbase saw 1.14 million visits a day, with a higher relative increase of 23 percent from April 2019. Rooke further added that no other cryptocurrency exchange saw over 500K visits a day.

Rooke stated,

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