Binamon Enlists Blockchain Technology to Focus on Ecological Awareness

Binamon, the next AXS gaming platform, has announced that it has joined blockchain technology and the gaming industry to focus on the awareness of taking care of the planet. Notably, this had kicked off a few weeks before the platform launched its new Play to Earn game.

According to the team behind Binamon, players can mint minerals from the Z1 planet. 

“By minting the mineral players will help to restore the planet’s ecological balance, this is initially arid and barren. As they mint Z1 mineral the planet will restore to finally become a green valley,” Binamon noted in a press release.

“We love the blockchain technology, decentralized finances, and videogames; but we also love to make people aware about taking care of the environment and recycling,” the company added.

Notably, Binamon is built on the Binance Smart Chain. Primarily due to its scalability and flexibility in a decentralized financial ecosystem. Furthermore, Binance Smart Chain has gained notable popularity among developers and crypto users in the past few months. While the leading Defi chain Ethereum faces challenges in high transaction fees and low throughput, Binance Smart Chain prides itself as a better alternative.

According to the company’s official website, there are 95 788 556 units of BMON tokens in circulating supply as of the time of reporting. Additionally, the asset has a reported market valuation of approximately $23.66 million. 

The BMON token was trading around $0.24. Should the project follow the same path as Axie Infinity, the price could rally exponentially in the foreseeable future. Furthermore, the crypto industry is still under pressure from speculative trading by both retail and institutional investors. 

After the Defi crypto boom earlier last year, and the NFT market earlier this year, the gaming industry is anticipated to take the crypto volatility to the next level. Moreover, there is a ready market of gamers inspired by a generation of the video gaming industry.

Binamon seeks to tap into blockchain technology and the gaming industry to help its community aware of ecological challenges. Consequently, as players enjoy the games provided, they get to understand the importance of taking good care of the environment. Moreso now that global warming is taking the weather seasons to the extremes.


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