Benjamin Kupfer Joins Makor Investment Banking Division, Makor Capital

Makor Capital announced that Benjamin Kupfer will join the Makor Investment Banking Division as a senior member of the origination and execution team for M&A and capital markets transactions.

Recently announced in an official press release shared with Finance Magnates, Benjamin Kupfer, who previously worked at LG Electronics, has been named by Makor Group, an FCA-regulated international brokerage firm, as a new senior member of the origination and execution team for M&A and capital markets transactions.

Kupfer brings extensive experience from investing in disruptive start-ups in the high tech ecosystem in Israel. Located in Tel Aviv, he will join the investment banking arm of the Group. He will report to Lionel Botbol, Makor’s Global Head of Investment Banking.

Reviewing Kupfer’s Vocation

Prior to the announcement by Makor Capital, LG Electronics recruited Kupfer as an Investment Officer. For almost three years, he led the LG Technology Ventures activities in Israel. Also, he closed several equity investment deals in disruptive and innovative companies.

Earlier on, he served Sdema Group as a Senior Business Intelligence Analyst. From March 2017 to December 2018, he fulfilled the requirements of the position.

Before that, Kupfer did a short stint as a consultant for Millward Brown Vermeer. Based in New York, he developed models used to identify brand ideal for international leading organisations. Further, he retrieved data to define short and long-term clients strategy, according to his LinkedIn profile.

Also, FreshDirect hired him as a Business Analyst. Over eight months, he acted as team lead interface for the Operation Analyst Department, and he also developed a forecasting sales model.

Additionally, for two years he was an international volunteer for the French Embassy in Israel. He assisted with the scientific co-operation between Israel and France among other duties.

While at Bar Ilan Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials (BINA), Bar Ilan University he spent more than four years as a Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Materials Science. Here, he assisted in the synthesis of new oxide materials for photovoltaic applications using combinatorial techniques.

Originally, his career began at the London Centre for Nanotechnology where he conducted research. Over the nine-month period, he served as Project Leader for biosensors conception based on a single-crystal diamond cantilever under the supervision of Prof Richard Jackman.

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