Banks cooperate with Ripple, but do not rush to use xRapid

Larger bank of Latin America at market value Itau Unibanco and Indian bank IndusInd are among the few banks that cooperate with Ripple in order to use RippleNet Blockchain technology to provide faster cross-border payments.

In RippleNet settlement technology, there are now more than one hundred customers from all over the world, the main ones from emerging Asian markets. Hannah's pack, a partner of the strategic alliance at Axis Bank, says:

"Banks fall behind in technology, and Rippe allows for low-cost transactions with lower transaction costs."

Tony Farm, a specialist at Blockchain, noted that for some reason the above mentioned banks do not accept the xRapid technology.

The crypto-currency market had mixed sentiments about Ripple XRP from the moment it was created. Unlike other virtual tokens, which are decentralized in nature, XRP is controlled by Ripple. In early January, when the price of Ripple reached a historic high of three dollars, Chris Larsen's net profit also increased.

Common crypto-currency markets have stabilized, and the price of Bitcoin controls the prices of the entire market primarily because many other digital currencies are bought using Bitcoin. Large exchanges began to accept money as payment for other tokens, such a trend could change the market in the near future.

Previously, we reported that the market capitalization of Ripple grew by ten percent after the signing of the agreement with Saudi Arabia.

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