Asia Exchange Empowering Traders Through New Opportunities

The crypto industry is at a crossroads, having swelled in popularity, size, and market clout over the past few years. Despite this growth however, many crypto exchanges have done very little to empower traders and engender improved functionality or innovation.

With the growth of the crypto industry only expected to trend higher in the upcoming years, the time has come to focus on what traders actually want or need to succeed.

What Makes for Successful Trading?

It is not secret that most retail investors lose money. This is true across the forex, crypto, binary options, and in many cases equities space. Cryptocurrencies remain a largely misunderstood asset class, if not hugely popular and volatile.

Many investors are prone to jumping into leveraged positions, fundamentally miscalculating trades that result in losses, and ultimately cease all subsequent trading activity. Is this path the norm, or can this cycle be broken?

For its part, Asia Exchange (AsiaX) believes that every trader deserves the chance to succeed. The innovative crypto exchange is not like every other venue, whose central prerogative is to garner increased volumes and profits.

AsiaX has built its business on several attributes, including low fees, VIP customer support to all clients, personally and anytime. Additionally, the exchange is multi-lingual, and is committed to being there its clients in any region.

The exchange understands that many crypto users are beginners, who do not wish to be overloaded with complex instruments and options. Instead, AsiaX is looking to give traders a fresh start, with spot prices only and no dangerous financial instruments involved.

As such, AsiaX is committed to retaining traders and clients, who themselves profit and benefit from trading. This symbiotic relationship is easier said than accomplished, though there are several ways that AsiaX is helping push new boundaries in the industry.

See what AsiaX can offer you by exploring their interface and trading capabilities.

AsiaX Trailblazing the Crypto Space

First and foremost, AsiaX offers openness, discarding the ‘you vs. the exchange’ mentality. By jointly committing to success, all parties can profit, and this includes a variety of benefits designed to break the market and upset the status quo in the crypto space.

AsiaX is looking to empower traders by letting users control and own their coins. This includes not only attractive affiliate trading awards up to 50% but also extremely low trading fees of 0.05%. The group’s fragmented liquidity is also unique, allowing for greater flexibility.

The exchange wants everyone to get their hands on crypto, also providing users with staking opportunities. This is where ASIA coin comes in, which belongs to AsiaX. With a max supply of 100 million, the coin is currently valued at $0.075, offering 7-8% staking.

About AsiaX

AsiaX is a centralized exchange for the Asia-Pacific (APAC) region, focusing on over 70 top cryptocurrencies and over 100 trading pairs in the market today. The exchange is committed to client safety and longevity, offering unique staking benefits for several different cryptocurrencies.

The group is comprised of veterans from the foreign exchange industry, backed by over two decades of experience in the financial services space. Register today and see what AsiaX can do for you.

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