Apple’s ‘Key Growth Driver’ will Be New $399 iPhone SE2, Says Ming-Chi Kuo

In a new search report, famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of TF Securities predicted exactly which new specifics the “iPhone SE 2” will have.

Precisely, he noted the smartphone will have the A13 processor, same as in iPhone 11 and of which he has spoken about before. Also, Kuo said the phone will be available in versions with 64GB and 128GB capacities, including 3GB of application RAM.

He said that there could be three finishes, including Space Gray, Silver, and Red. There will be no more 3D Touch as it will be changed by Haptic Touch.

Kuo thinks the device will be a “key growth driver” for the company next year. He predicts suppliers will be making around 2 million and 4 million devices per month, and that around 30 million devices will be sold in 2020.

For buyers corner, Kuo said they are pretty much streaming towards the device in order to tiptoe into the iOS ecosystem. However, he warned the buyers now have a limited budget, or don’t need so much high-end features that can be seen in the iPhone 11 family of smartphones.

That’s why the $399 starting price is the same as it was at the times when the original iPhone SE had been launched back in 2016. However, the latter’s price fell to $349 by the time it was discontinued the following year as its production was discontinued the year later. Exactly that is why selling cheaper devices like the SE is important for Apple who say it aims to compete in markets like India, where phones costing more than around $450 only made up 4 percent of the market as of last year. The cheapest phone is right now an iPhone 8, which starts at $449. The possible “iPhone SE 2” should be, per Kuo’s word, around the size of the iPhone 8.

In-House Custom-Made 5G Chip

When the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 11 Pro Max were presented last month, everyone was ‘booing’ them because they were released without having a 5g option. However, it is said that it should be included in the cards for next year. Qualcomm will be producing the modems, but Apple plans to take over already in 2022 according to a new report.
Apple already took some remnants of Intel’s 5G modem business. Just for reminder, the company signed a deal with Qualcomm recently after both entities decided to invalidate all the previous legal battles they were fighting. Intel pulled out of the consumer 5G modem business later on that led to Apple’s acquisition. From the company, they said that designing a new modem is a pretty difficult job.

“In fact, bringing a new modem to the finish line in two years is really pushing it, my source said. After all, the design work is done, and the fabrication of the chips themselves is underway, an arduous testing and certification process still awaits,” wrote they.

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