Analyst: Ripple price will increase to 16 $ by the end of the year

Bold forecasts for the price of crypto currency should always be taken with caution. If it was so easy to predict the price of Bitcoin, Ethereum or Ripple, we would all have become rich. However, one analyst is sure that the price of Ripple XRP will reach 16 dollars by the end of the year.

According to reportedly, Samson Williams, CSO of the Irish firm Fintech SeedUps, predicts that XRP will reach 16 dollars by December of this year. He made this statement among a group of five other crypto-currency analysts who discussed the future of the industry this year.

Experts say about Ripple

Samson Williams, who is also a partner of the consulting company Axes and Eggs, dealing with Blcokchain and crypto-currency development, said:

"This is not a digital currency, it's a child of banks. Thanks to this, he will get a natural blow from the recession in 2018. "

Other panelists had their own views on why Ripple would succeed this year. Technologist Joseph Rachinsky believes that the Coinbase listing may well raise this token in price to 5 dollars:

"In my opinion, this can happen if Coinbase adds it to its trading pairs. I assume that the decision will be made in the coming months, if they add it, the XRP will fly to the skies, and I think that this will affect all cryptornics. "

It should be noted that the petition for the addition of Ripple to Coinbase typed more than 220 000 signatures.

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