AI Crypto Aims to Put AI Industry on the Blockchain

The project is creating a decentralized AI ecosystem to speed up the industry’s development.

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Cybernetics began as a separate science in 1948, when American mathematician Norbert Wiener published a book on the subject. Since that time, people have been obsessed with the idea of creating artificial intelligence (AI).

Many scientists, engineers, and experts have been moving forward by trial and error, analyzing, experimenting, and testing different theories in an attempt to make a machine think like a human. If the ultimate goal of AI research is to push humankind to a new stage of evolution, then blockchain is a handy tool to consolidate all the achievements and developments in this domain.

Artificial intelligence research is a high-runner process that requires big arrays of data which can be analyzed and used for "training" artificial intelligence algorithms. Currently, data generated by ordinary internet users and other vital resources, including computing power, are controlled by giant corporations, such as Facebook, Google, and Microsoft.

Due to their dominance, we may end up in a situation where artificial intelligence belongs to big companies instead of humanity. To prevent this from happening and to democratize the technology, AI Crypto is building the AI Society, the platform that will allow AI researchers from all over the world participate and lead the innovation of AI industry.

The AI Crypto team believes that blockchain technology will help people achieve their ambitious goals faster and more efficiently. With that in mind, AI Crypto is launching a blockchain-based AI ecosystem with the primary objective of making AI research easier and cheaper by connecting AI developers and startups on a global scale.

AI Crypto’s platform will serve as a global hub for AI industries, enabling the participants to share their data and idle computing power, eliminating monopoly, and making AI and its benefits accessible to anyone.

The AI Crypto ecosystem is based on three essential modules:

GPU (general processor unit) is the core that keeps the AI Crypto network functioning.

DATA is a blockchain-based platform for creating and distributing AI-related data.

MODEL is a machine learning module for smooth and cost-effective operation.

AI Crypto ecosystem use cases

Voice recognition. The platform contains modules for a voice recognition engine with deep learning technologies that can be used in customer service and automatic call centers.

AI dialogue analysis. The system uses technology based on natural language understanding to analyze dialogues, emotion, intent, and context from the previous conversations and thus help AI agents hold fluent conversations in finance, commerce, and customer service.

Image analysis. The platform provides image categorization, facial, and fingerprint recognition services. The AI model for image analysis will be included in numerous services across the platform.

Autonomous vehicles. The GPU network will provide users with the necessary computing resources to develop the AI model for autonomous vehicles.

AI Crypto ICO details

AI Crypto launches a pre-sale round on May 9, while the main ICO stage is scheduled to begin on May 30. The team plans to issue 10 billion AIC tokens, with about 50% of the total supply available for sale. The hard cap is set at 50,000 ETH, and the exchange rate is 1 ETH = 100,000 AIC. All unsold coins will be burned to preserve value.

More detailed information about the project is available on the official website. Subscribe to AI Crypto Telegram or Twitter to get timely updates and fresh news about the upcoming crowdsale.

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