4XC – Why the Pacific Islands Brokerage is Making Waves Worldwide

Founded in 2018, 4XC – formerly known as 4XCube – set about providing a high quality, regulated FX and CFD trading platform with a difference.

With leverage restrictions tightening in many jurisdictions leaving individual traders and IBs to make difficult decisions when it came to selecting a broker, 4XC was well positioned to address these challenges head-on.

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Based in the Cook Islands, the brokerage has expanded rapidly over the last two years and now works with more than 10000 active direct traders and 5000 introducing partners.

With a series of new product initiatives and a rebrand are now in the process of being deployed, we spoke to John Goddard, Executive Director at 4XC, to understand more about what’s next for his own brokerage and the industry as a whole.

John, the business has made a good start. What’s driving your success?

The management team share a great deal of knowledge and first-hand experience of the trading community and I believe that truly aligns our values with those of our clients.

We built a robust system from the outset based around the core MT4 platform and later added a highly intuitive app, too.

Our flexibility to work with traders and introducers on mutually beneficial terms helped drive our popularity further too – all at a time when many markets were becalmed and other brokers were struggling.

That meant we were well positioned in terms of a supportive client base, great reputation and solid infrastructure as volatility flooded back into the market over the last few months.

So that’s a combination of planning and timeliness – what’s next?

We were ahead of the curve as the COVID-19 pandemic hit and we intend to maintain that competitive advantage for our clients in the future.

There’s a real risk that with central banks continuing to offer up close on unlimited stimulus measures that currency markets will soon return to their rangebound ways, so the first step is that we’re expanding our multi-asset offering with the launch of the MT5 platform.

There’s a whole world beyond forex and with this awareness growing, we want to ensure we’re able to accommodate every client’s trading strategy.

Beyond the platform itself, what other innovations are you delivering?

We have found that our direct clients and institutional partners alike have a solid appetite for education.

It’s not about the basics of putting on a trade or the benefits of a stop loss, it’s the more nuanced, higher quality content where we know there’s an opportunity.

We have a great panel of speakers and writers providing content that’s unique to us, including technical and fundamental analysis, one-on-one training and trading sessions supported by live coaching.

This can be delivered directly over our platform or structured in a way that allows the IB the ability to be very much in charge of the relationship at all times.

We’re also providing more market signals and charting tools, allowing us to serve those more experienced traders, giving them the insights and market intelligence, they need to succeed.

And you’ve rebranded – what’s that all about?

They say that imitation is the highest form of flattery, but in recent months we saw a number of new entities emerging who appeared to be using parts of our brand name in their own.

We realised this wasn’t helpful in such a competitive industry so invested in the 4XC domain, making it easier for new and existing clients alike to find us.

This is all about cementing the great achievements and successes we’ve made to date, putting us in the strongest possible position to drive our business forward in the coming years.

Since launching, our industry and the underlying market have both been through an unprecedented degree of change but we’ve managed to find the upside here.

That has served our retail clients and our growing number of introducing brokers very well – we look forward to continuing that theme in the exciting years that lie ahead.

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