4 Financial Services that Can Benefit from Translation

What’s your first reaction when you open an unexpectedly foreign website?  You return to Google search, right? As appealing as the website may be, or no matter the good reviews you’ve read about the service, you’re going to give that company the heave-ho.

It’s been said that 90 percent of EU internet users favour a website in their own language. The majority of businesses, including financial institutions can benefit hugely from language translation services – especially those which function internationally or want to target foreign customers. In order to grow your financial business both locally and globally, you need to present your information in every language required.

Here are 4 financial services that can highly benefit from translation:


There may be several countries around the world that have banned initial coin offerings, or as many know them, “ICOs”. That doesn’t mean your ICO website, whitepaper, explainer video or promotional material shouldn’t be multilingual. Providing this information in English only can prevent you from reaching global investors.

Not everyone is efficient in the English language. In fact, according to NZTC International, 75% of internet users won’t make a purchase from a website when the content isn’t offered in their native language. This phenomenon is attracting hundreds of investors worldwide, including in countries like Germany, Switzerland and Estonia. If you want to catch the eye of these potential investors, turn to a language service provider specializing in this industry to help make your services multilingual.

Online Trading Services

Whether you’re a broker that offers Forex or Cryptocurrency trading, you’ll undoubtedly want to target international clients. As mentioned in our previous article, the biggest traders in the world reside in non-English speaking countries. Is your website provided in languages other than English?

Is your market news available in Japanese? How about your trading platform? Is it accessible in Arabic? You want to make sure that you are catering to traders, globally. A broker’s website should be offered in a variety of languages, in order to attain new clients in foreign countries.


Whether your business functions with asset management, commercial or investment banking, it’s almost a prerequisite that your content is offered in various languages. All banking institutes should strive to communicate their message to a global market. Especially in this day and age where banks have offices and staff scattered all over the world.

Expand into all areas of the banking world and strengthen relationships with foreign potential clients by adapting your content into another language. Whether it be account information, marketing collateral, performance and market reports, disclaimers, agreements or transactions and forms, you need to make sure your copy targets global customers, too. Otherwise, you’re restricting your banking services to one locale only.


From health to life or car insurance services, your documents need to be tailored for global clients. Most, if not all of businesses have customers who are not proficient in their source language. What if they’re interested in a great health insurance provider like yours but decide to turn down the offer, simply because the information is not displayed in their native tongue?

“Tough”, you might say. Unfortunately, being stubborn in an industry like this won’t get you very far. Insurance companies are generally multinational, which leaves you no choice but to translate your content. Translating your copy (including services, benefits, coverage and rates) can help create trust among international clients and build long-term relationships.

Once you’ve decided to translate your content, it’s time to turn to a reputable language service provider with an understanding of the financial industry (trading, insurance or banking). They will adapt your content accurately, ensuring that it tailors to the cultures, nuances and characteristics of the target locale.

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